Apple to No Longer Include EarPods With iPhones Sold in France Starting Next Week

Apple to No Longer Include EarPods With iPhones Sold in France Starting Next Week

Apple will stop including EarPods earbuds with iPhones sold in France, starting on January 24. That news comes from a French carrier (via Consomac).

Apple had previously been required to include EarPods in every iPhone box, thanks to a French law that required a “handsfree kit” to be included with every smartphone sold in the country. However, that law has now been changed as the government is now looking to reduce the environmental footprint of digital devices like the iPhone.

In most countries, and starting with the iPhone 12 in 2020, Apple stopped including a pair of EarPods and the power adapter in the iPhone box. The company claimed it was doing its part to reduce the environmental footprints of its devices. Removing both accessories from the box allowed Apple to make the iPhone box dramatically thinner.

However, the Cupertino firm was still required to continue including EarPods in the iPhone box when the devices are sold in France. French officials required that earbuds be included in the box with smartphones, due to concerns over the risks of exposing developing brains to electromagnetic waves not being clearly known.

However, according to a new bill passed in the French assembly, smartphone manufacturers will no longer be forced to include headphones in the box. They will now simply be required to make sure that headphones are available as an optional accessory.

French carrier Fnac informed its customers that iPhones will no longer ship with EarPods in the box starting on January 24. A machine translation of the poster reads:

We would like to inform you that our manufacturers are no longer required to supply headphones/hands-free kits with their smartphones in France. This new law, adopted in late 2021, aims to reduce the environmental footprint in France.

The Xiaomi brand is concerned, for products purchased from the week of January 17, 2022. The same will be true for the Apple brand as of from the week of January 24, 2022

Apple’s regional website for France continues to list EarPods as an item that is included in the box with the ‌iPhone‌, as well as a USB-C to Lightning cable, although this will likely be updated soon.

(Via MacRumors)