‘Fortnite’ to Make Return to the iPhone Via Nvidia’s Geforce Now

‘Fortnite’ to Make Return to the iPhone Via Nvidia’s Geforce Now

The Apple vs. Epic Games lawsuit keeps dragging on, meaning there is little chance that Fortnite will be available in the App Store anytime soon. Luckily for fans of the game, Epic has found a workaround to bring it back to the iPhone and iPad.

‌Epic Games‌ has partnered with Nvidia. GeForce NOW, Nvidia’s streaming gaming service, will soon add Fortnite support, which will allow Fortnite to be played through a browser on iOS devices with touch-based controls.

Nvidia introduced Safari support back in November 2020, allowing iOS users to play the GeForce NOW library of games on iOS devices. At that time, Nvidia said it was working with Epic on a touch-friendly version of Fortnite for the iPhone and iPad.

Nvidia on Thursday announced the upcoming release of a Fortnite limited-time closed beta, which users can sign up for. The game is going to be available on Android and iOS devices through browser integration. There is a waitlist on the GeForce NOW website, and Nvidia says that players can register for free.

If you’re interested in participating, you will need to create an Nvidia account and sign up for the waitlist, and sign up for a GeForce NOW membership.

Lucky beta testers will be allowed to access the Fortnite mobile game later in January, and once the limited-time beta has finished, we should soon see an official launch of the Fortnite experience for GeForce NOW.

At the core of the legal battle is how much control and revenue share Apple and Google should have in relation to popular apps. Epic Games’ online game “Fortnite” was removed from both Apple’s App Store and Alphabet Inc.’s Google Play Store last year after Epic introduced a payment system that replaced the traditional in-app purchases system that allowed Apple and Google to take a 30% share of users’ spending that they had charged Epic.