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Some iPhone 13 Owners Report Mysterious Pink Screen Issue

Some iPhone 13 Owners Report Mysterious Pink Screen Issue

A number of iPhone 13 owners are reporting an issue where their displays are turning pink. The problem rears its ugly head after the iPhone has been restarted, after seeing the device freeze. Apple blames it on a software bug, not a hardware issue. A growing number of users have been experiencing this issue since the iPhone debuted last fall.

An Apple forum thread started last October contains a long list of user reports from iPhone 13 owners whose displays have suddenly turned pink. “It happens all the time,” the original poster wrote. Reddit users have also experienced the issue.

“My iPhone 13 Pro Max’s screen turned pink and knocked itself out on Halloween,” says another user. “A few weeks later, I was deleting some stuff and when I went to my photos library, the whole screen was pink.”

“I had the same issue with my iPhone 13 Pro Max,” wrote another. “I tried restarting, resetting settings, and every solution I found online but with no success.”

While some users say they’ve taken their offending device to Apple and the company has swapped them out for new iPhone 13 devices. However, Apple says all evidence indicates that this is a software issue, not a hardware flaw.

Many users have posted photos showing the issue, including pink screenshots from the affected iPhones. This indicates that the pink tint is being caused by an issue in iOS, not the display itself.

Apple posted a statement on its official Weibo account in China, saying the company has found no “relevant problems” in its hardware. Most of the reported display issues have happened to users in China.

Apple will likely include a fix for the issue in an upcoming iOS update, but it has not announced any official word on when the fix might make an appearance.

(Via 9to5Mac)

(Image Credit: Apple Discussions)