Apple Halts All Sales From Russian Online Store

Apple Halts All Sales From Russian Online Store

Apple on Tuesday confirmed that it has halted all product sales on its Russian website. This means that Macs, iPhones, iPads, and other Apple devices are no longer available to customers inside of Russia. Customers that attempt to make a purchase from the Russian store will see a “delivery unavailable” status for any product they attempt to add to their online shopping cart.

Apple halted sales following a plea last week to Apple CEO Tim Cook from Ukrainian vice prime minister Mykhailo Fedorov, who asked Apple to stop device sales and to block App Store access in Russia.

I appeal to you and I am sure you will not only hear, but also do everything possible to protect Ukraine, Europe, and finally, the entire democratic world from bloody authoritarian aggression – to stop suppling Apple services and products to the Russian Federation, including blocking access to App Store!

We are sure that such actions will motivate youth and active population of Russia to proactively stop the disgraceful military aggression.

Apple said in a statement that it has also stopped all exports into the sales channel in the country and disabled traffic and live incidents in Apple Maps in Ukraine as a safety and precautionary measure for Ukrainian citizens.

Cook told employees about Apple’s Russian embargo, while also informing them as to how employees can donate. Apple will match all donations at a rate of 2:1 for eligible organizations, retroactive for donations made since February 25.

I wanted to take a moment to address the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

I know I speak for everyone at Apple in expressing our concern for all of those affected by the violence. With each new image of families fleeing their homes and brave citizens fighting for their lives, we see how important it is for people around the world to come together to advance the cause of peace.

Apple is donating to humanitarian relief efforts and providing aid for the unfolding refugee crisis. We are also working with partners to assess what more we can do. I know that many of you are eager to find ways to support as well, and we want to help amplify the impact of your donations. Starting today, Apple will match your donations at a rate of 2:1 for eligible organizations, and we will make this retroactive for donations to those organizations since February 25. Please visit the Employee Giving Portal to learn more.

We are working to support our teams in Ukraine and across the region. In Ukraine, we have been in contact with every employee, assisting them and their families in any way we can. For our Ukrainian team members located outside of the country that may need support, please contact And for any employee who needs any support, please visit the People site for available resources.

As a company, we are taking additional actions as well. We have paused all product sales in Russia. Last week, we stopped all exports into our sales channel in the country. Apple Pay and other services have been limited. RT News and Sputnik News are no longer available for download from the App Store outside Russia. And we have disabled both traffic and live incidents in Apple Maps in Ukraine as a safety and precautionary measure for Ukrainian citizens.

We will continue to evaluate the situation and are in communication with relevant governments on the actions we are taking.

This moment calls for unity, it calls for courage, and it reminds us that we must never lose sight of the humanity we all share. In these difficult times, I take comfort in knowing that we are united in our commitment to each other, to our users, and to being a force for good in the world.

So far, Apple hasn’t completely shut down App Store access in Russia, but RT News and Sputnik News have been removed from the ‌App Store‌ outside of Russia. Apple Pay access has been limited, with major banks in Russia are not able to use the service.

In related news, Russia’s re:Store chain of shops selling Apple hardware has temporarily closed its doors. According to Russian publication Podyom, the country’s largest reseller did not open on March 2, 2022. The re:Store chain’s spokesperson says the closure is temporary. reports that online Apple resellers have dramatically hiked their prices.

“The cost of Apple products has soared almost everywhere,” says the site (translation). “The most expensive MacBook Pro reached 1.138 million rubles.” That’s approximately $11,000.

A 1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max now reportedly costs 308,679 rubles, or approximately $2940. The most expensive edition of the Apple Watch Series 7 is listed online in Russia for $1,900.