PeakDo Plug & Play Wireless HDMI 4K Streaming Kit Kickstarter is Live

PeakDo Plug & Play Wireless HDMI 4K Streaming Kit Kickstarter is Live

WiFi is the nearly there option for sharing a screen or streaming video to devices like a TV. PeakDo’s Plug and Play Wireless HDMI 4K kit is the solution that most of us have been looking for this entire time.

Their crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign is online now for a limited time, but their hardware is truly revolutionary. Pledge to buy a PeakDo 4K kit now, starting at $229.

This kit is revolutionary because transmitting 4K video normally means utilizing WiFi and most always the device transmitting the signal cannot do it for any length of time without buffering issues or experiencing signal drops. PeakDo’s wireless HDMI 4K kit solves all of those issues. There are no apps to download, no WiFi needed, and no setup. It works simply by plug and play.

PeakDo 4K Plug & Play 4K No Latency Streaming Kit By @24k

Utilizing mmWave technology, similar to that of ultra-high speed 5G cell sites, the 4K wireless transmitting docking station is plug and play, has up to 100ft range, and can be cordless with reverse charging via the use of rechargeable 18650 Li-ion batteries (sold separately).

EBL 18650 Batteries for PeakDo Next Gen Dock By @24k

Plug your new iPad Air, iPad Pro, Nintendo Switch and nearly anything else that sends a video signal out via a USB-C connection to a projector, LCD screen or anything else that has a compatible HDMI port for the PeakDo receiver adapter. The transmitter and receiver do not require any driver software to work.


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The next gen docking station comes complete with a TF and SD card reader, multiple USB-A 3.0 ports for use with a wired keyboard or mouse (plug in a wireless module to use a wireless keyboard and mouse) and one USB-C port with Power Delivery. It will also charge the connected device with two 18650 Li-ion batteries installed. Then, simply plug in the small receiver into a big screen or projector across the room.

Eliminate the cords and hassle of figuring out how to connect to a secured WiFi network to run a presentation. Most corporate WiFi connections require the WiFi MAC address of the device that needs to be connected beforehand, that MAC address is then entered into a safe white list at the company’s router, and then your laptop or tablet is fighting for bandwidth on the WiFi access point with all of the devices nearby.

As you can see, you and the device being connected are already at a huge disadvantage for completing a successful presentation. The peace of mind that the PeakDo wireless HDMI 4K no latency kit offers can be worth your next bonus or client contract.

Transmitting video in 4K is huge and next level in the world of sending ultra high quality video from a source to a screen. The specifics of how this kit works are that it is capable of 60GHz mm-Wave, at a transmission rate of 3.96Gbit/s, which is about 50x faster than WiFi, a latency of 2.5ms and plug and play usability at a max streaming distance of 100ft.

The Docking Station can send a resolution of 4K*2K30Hz/60Hz, and the USB-C port is PD 3 compatible at 65W/20V at 3A. The PeakDo transmitter that plugs into the Docking Station can send 4K video at 30Hz, 1080p at 120Hz and 1080P at 60Hz.

One of the more exciting ways to use the PeakDo 4K dock is to transmit gaming video from a Nintendo Switch to a big 55″ plus LCD screen across the room. That way the Switch can continue to charge while in dock mode and the wireless controllers will be closer to the Switch for better reception.


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Learn more about PeakDo and their technology from their website. Get a PeakDo Plug and Play Wireless HDMI 4K kit on the crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign starting at $229, which is ending soon!

Disclosure: This wireless transmitter kit has been supplied at no cost for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not paid by the manufacturer for the review. Photos may be courtesy of the manufacturer.