Apple to Soon Launch New Apple Watch ‘Pride’ Bands (UPDATE)

Apple to Soon Launch  New Apple Watch ‘Pride’ Bands (UPDATE)

Update: Mark Gurman has clarified that he was referring only to new Apple Watch Pride bands, not a new “Pride” version of the Apple Watch Series 7. The story headline has been revised to reflect the correct information.

Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman says Apple could launch a new “Pride” edition of its Apple Watch Series 7, as well as a selection of new Pride Month-themed bands. Pride month is celebrated each June.

Apple has traditionally debuted new Apple Watch Pride bands during the month of May. Last year on May 25, the company launched a new “Pride Edition” Braided Solo Loop and Nike Sport Loop Apple Watch band, in addition to a new Pride watch face.

This year, if Gurman’s comments are taken at face value, Apple could unveil an actual “Pride version” of its latest Apple Watch alongside the new bands this year.

Gurman says his sources tell him that updated marketing materials have already been sent to Apple’s retail stores, including images of the new Pride edition Apple Watch, and they’ll be followed by new Pride bands, although they are set to arrive later this week.