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Indianapolis Man Murdered for Cheating After Girlfriend Tracks Him With AirTag

Indianapolis Man Murdered for Cheating After Girlfriend Tracks Him With AirTag

An Indianapolis man was murdered by being run over repeatedly by a vehicle allegedly driven by his girlfriend. The girlfriend, Gaylyn Morris, is said to have used an Apple AirTag to track her boyfriend, Andre Smith, to a bar where she saw him with another woman.

The 26-year-old Smith was hit multiple times by a car outside Tilly’s Pub in Indianapolis on Friday. Emergency services discovered him under the vehicle. Smith was pronounced dead by medics on the scene, with the coroner’s office determining the car was the cause of death.

As reported by the Indianapolis Star, Morris told a witness she used an Apple AirTag and GPS to follow Smith, then found him at the bar with a woman, according to the probable cause affidavit for Morris’ arrest.

The witness also said that Morris said that Smith was her boyfriend and that he was cheating on her. Morris picked up an empty wine bottle and swung it at the woman that was with Smith. However, Smith caught it and physically got between the two women, according to the affidavit. All three people were asked to leave the bar, but the woman who was with Smith remained inside, waiting for a food order.

A witness told police that Morris “pulled forward and clipped the victim (Smith), and he went down, at which time… (Morris) then backed over him and then pulled forward and hit him for the third time.”
Morris then got out of her car and tried to go after the woman who was at the bar with Smith before officers arrived and detained Morris.

The Star says Morris is preliminarily charged with murder. The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office will determine the final charges.

While Apple’s AirTag is intended to allow users to track their personal property, the tracking tags have multiple times been used for less than honorable purposes. Apple had implemented various anti-stalking measures. However, the misuse of the tracking tags has prompted lawmakers to look into the tracking tag market, leading to outcries for legislation to prevent the improper use of AirTags and similar tracking tiles sold by other companies.

A Waterbury, Connecticut man was arrested earlier this year after trying to use an AirTag to “track a victim’s car” as part of a “domestic incident.”

In May, a Columbia, Tennessee family said their trip to Disney World was ruined after they discovered that someone may have used an Apple AirTag to stalk them during their activities at the Florida amusement park.