iPhone 14 Pro Users Complaining of Issue With CarPlay Phone Calls

iPhone 14 Pro Users Complaining of Issue With CarPlay Phone Calls

Some iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max report experiencing an issue that prevents them from being heard at a suitable volume during phone calls made via CarPlay in a vehicle.

Affected users have documented this problem across multiple forums, including  RedditTwitter, and the Apple Support Community over the past three to four days. Users report that after calling someone via CarPlay with an iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max, their voice sounded quiet or far away on the receiving end of the call.

The majority of complaints are coming from iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max owners running iOS 16.0.1. However, at least one user reports having the issue also affect their standard iPhone 14, and there are also comments claiming that downgrading to iOS 16.0 does not help.

It’s unclear what the cause of the issue is or how many users are affected. These are just the latest issues being experienced by iOS 16 and iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro users.

Apple has not yet confirmed that it is aware of the issues. We’ll share more when we learn more.

Apple will release an iOS 16 update next week that fixes multiple issues. The update, most likely to be iOS 16.0.2, will include a fix for camera issues, a copy and paste prompt issue, and iMessage and ‌FaceTime‌ activation. The update could also address other issues. Hopefully, they’ll include those we’ve looked at above.