1Password 8 for Apple Watch Released – Includes New Features and Complications

1Password 8 for Apple Watch Released – Includes New Features and Complications

AgileBits has announced the release of 1Password 8 for Apple Watch, completing the rollout of the new version of its password manager that is available on most popular device platforms.

From the AgileBits blog post:

1Password now offers complications you can configure for quick access to nearly any kind of information from your 1Password account. Need to keep your booking code handy while traveling? Add it as a complication to your current watch face so you can get to it in a single tap. Always logging into a particular account for work that needs a two-factor code? Pin it to your watch face for at-a-glance access.

In addition to the new complications, 1Password for Apple Watch lets users view custom fields (including multi-line notes) and custom item icons. Users can designate individual items in their 1Password account using their ‌iPhone‌ to have them sync securely to Apple Watch.

From the App Store:

  • 8.9.6

    ◆ A brand new version of 1Password for Apple Watch is now available with new features, complications support, and more!

    ◆ You can now turn off two-factor authentication for your 1Password account from within the 1Password app.

    ◆ We’ve improved the experience with VoiceOver while viewing an item details, including the way that field labels and contents are handled and enhancements to fields viewed in Large Type.

    ◆ You can now sort your Favorites.

    ◆ You can now reorder and manage pinned fields.

    ◆ In-app toast messages can now be read by VoiceOver such as when tapping fields to copy it.

    ◆ We’ve added a What’s New billboard so you can learn about new features in the latest release.

    ◆ The Home screen now has an empty view if you haven’t customized it yet.

    ◆ The app icon has been slightly updated.

    ◆ We’ve improved the design of the Home screen.

    ◆ We’ve made some improvements to vulnerable password checks in Watchtower.

    ◆ We’ve updated some translations and localization.

    ◆ We’ve fixed an issue where the title of the Home screen wouldn’t display.

    ◆ We’ve fixed an issue where a pinned field that was removed from an item could not be unpinned.

    ◆ You can now tap and hold an item in a list to preview it.

    ◆ We’ve improved horizontal scrolling of banners on the Home screen.

    ◆ We’ve fixed an issue where AutoFill would show dates for suggested Password items instead of their titles.

    ◆ We’ve fixed an issue where archived and deleted items would be shown when the items list is opened from the Home tab.

    ◆ Copying a one-time password will no longer display a notification while in the app.

    ◆ The title in the Search tab no longer resizes when starting a search.

    ◆ We’ve made various design improvements throughout the app and fixed some visual issues.

    ◆ We’ve optimized performance of item lists.

    ◆ We’ve improved the experience of selecting multiple items and performing actions on them.

    ◆ We’ve made some improvements to the way that back buttons are displayed on iPadOS.

    ◆ If you tap a tag on the Items tab and open an item, navigating back from the item details will no longer take you to the All Items list.

    ◆ We’ve fixed an issue where if set to lock immediately, 1Password did not unlock to the last item that was visible prior to locking.

    ◆ We’ve fixed an issue where renaming a tag wouldn’t sync the change to your 1Password account.

    ◆ We’ve fixed an issue that prevented fields with matching section identifiers from being deleted.

    ◆ We’ve fixed an issue where vaults wouldn’t be shown when moving an item.

    ◆ We’ve fixed an issue where the keyboard would cover the “add tag” field.

    ◆ We’ve fixed an issue where tapping the reveal button on a field when signing in manually wouldn’t reveal the field.

    ◆ We’ve fixed an issue where typing numbers into a password field would change the keyboard to numbers after each character.

    ◆ Canceling search now returns you to the previous view.

    ◆ We’ve removed the “Pin to Home” menu option on the password history entries as it wasn’t usable.

    ◆ We’ve fixed an issue where icons throughout the app could look blurry.

    ◆ We’ve fixed an issue that could cause inaccurate password strength results for items.

    ◆ We’ve fixed an issue that’d prevent you from using drag-and-drop to move an item to a shared vault.

    ◆ We’ve fixed an issue where tapping an item would load its details twice on iPad.

    ◆ Tapping a tag on the Home tab will now properly redirect you to the tag.

    ◆ We’ve fixed an issue where the list of vaults shown when moving an item wouldn’t be read by VoiceOver.

    ◆ We’ve fixed a visual issue with the stripes shown at the top of the app when editing an item.

    ◆ We’ve fixed an issue with the color of the subtitle text used under the title of an item when viewing a list of items.

1Password for Apple Watch comes as part of the iOS app installation.

1Password 8 for iOS is a free download on the App Store. However, a subscription is required, priced at $3.99 per month for unlimited access across several platforms, including iOS, macOS, Windows, Android, and others. A 30-day free trial is available.