Review: The Zens Liberty Wireless Charger Gives You Freedom With 30W Qi of Power

Review: The Zens Liberty Wireless Charger Gives You Freedom With 30W Qi of Power


Wireless charging plates come almost a dime a dozen these days. Apple, Samsung, and other top smartphone plus wireless accessory manufacturers are now including Qi wireless charging. Zens’ Liberty Wireless charger is the best looking and one of the best performing wireless chargers available, which will take your desk setup to the top level.

What’s In The Box

  • Zens Liberty wireless charger
  • Braided USB-C cable 1.5m in length
  • 60W USB-C PD PowerDelivery certified universal power adapter with EU/UK/US plugs
  • Quick install guide
  • User manual
  • 3 year extended warranty card


With so many Qi wireless charging coils overlapping, you simply place two devices from wireless headphones to smartphone, in any direction on the glass. The Liberty gives you the freedom to choose placement and when you want to charge your compatible gadgets.

Everything about the Liberty from Zens is premium. Even the optional Apple Watch USB-stick is made from solid metal. I like that it sits in back to keep the focus on its coils.

I tested the Qi power system and its included 60W PD wall charger by placing two smartphones and several wireless charging earbud cases on the plate. There are two charging indicator lights in the middle on the bottom.

One of my hard to charge wireless earbud cases worked right away on the Liberty. It was nice to be able to power up my Apple Watch Ultra, iPhone X, and a family member’s iPhone 8, all at the same time. After seeing how quickly it worked, my family member wanted to take it home with them.


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Features of the Zens Liberty Wireless Charger

  • 16 charging coils
  • Glass cover
  • Freely place two devices
  • Charges three devices
  • Dual fast charging protocols
  • 2x 15W wireless charging output
  • Attach Apple Watch USB-stick charging puck vertically on the back corner
  • 3 Year Warranty

Save wall charger space with the Liberty wireless charger. Before using this, I had to plug in a power strip for all of the wired chargers to power up my iPhone, Samsung Android, and Apple Watch. Now, I have one cord and power adapter in that same socket, one and done.

Charging fast wirelessly can be tricky without a high-powered wall charger. Most people settle with a 10W wireless charging pad and their original 5W iPhone cube wall charger. The cube will not be able to magically quadruple its power output in this scenario.

You would need to get a 20W wall charger to power a 10W wireless charging pad. The rule is that half of the power output is lost from the charger to the Qi wireless coils. There is one more issue with this though. Cheap wireless pads and wall chargers do not come with fast charging protocols.

What happens is that if an iPhone is placed on a generic wireless charging pad, with a 20W wall charger, it will heat up within the first few minutes of charging and the phone will step its power intake down to 5W.

The Zens Liberty combination power system fast charges this same iPhone at 7.5W because of all of the technology built into the system. Take the guesswork out of trying to get a proper wall charger that can fully power a generic Qi wireless charging pad.

Available in black and white, match your ultimate desktop setup aesthetic. The glass cover on the limited edition reveals an inside view of how seamless this charging device works. This system is compatible with Apple’s and Samsung’s Fast Charge protocols.

Star Rating: 5 / 5


The Zens Liberty wireless charger is case friendly and it works with most lightweight cases that are less than 3mm thick. The premium cool factor of the gold coils and glass, with future compatibility for smartphones that support 15W wireless charging, makes this a great addition to any home charging zone or ultimate desk setup


  • The 16 gold coils look like they are from the future
  • Fast charges the iPhone and Samsung Androids
  • Charges an Apple Watch with an optional accessory


  • Relatively expensive


Disclosure: I was supplied the Zens’ Liberty Wireless charger at no cost for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Some photos may be courtesy of Zens.