Review: ROKFORM iPhone 14 Pro Max MagSafe Rugged Cases & Magnetic Accessories Rock

Review: ROKFORM iPhone 14 Pro Max MagSafe Rugged Cases & Magnetic Accessories  Rock


Protecting Apple’s newest iPhone 14 Pro Max makes sense as the newest ROKFORM accessories cost less than Apple Care and provide everyday coverage. Every year Apple releases a new iPhone that is supposed to include materials that better protect itself from drops, dings, and scratches.

ROKFORM iPhone 14 accessories cover, enhance and keep you moving. Apple Care is great, but skip the inconveniences of setting up appointments, potentially losing data from a broken iPhone, and having to wait to get a new device.

Covering a new iPhone used to mean applying an ultra-thin plastic screen cover. While these helped with scratches, installation bubbles made them look hideous. ROKFORM’s premium screen HD Japanese tempered glass for the iPhone 14 Pro Max goes way beyond a simple cover.

Their glass has an anti-fingerprint coating, comes with an installation frame kit, and is made to automatically absorb to the iPhone screen eliminating potential bubbles. I have tried multitudes of glass screen covers and they are not made the same.

The ROKFORM glass is shatterproof. If it does break, it will not come apart in small chunks. If this happens, peel off the glass cover and apply the second one that comes included in the box.

Enhancing the iPhone 14 Pro Max is much easier since the introduction of MagSafe accessories. ROKFORM have taken MagSafe compatibility magnets to the next level, as they do with all of their gear.

Cases for the iPhone mainly come in one color and might provide some drop protection. ROKFORM’s iPhone 14 Pro Max Crystal case has military-grade drop protection, but that does not mean something that blocks access to buttons or ports.

The case is MagSafe compatible, has a Roklock accessory port on the back and includes a magnetic surface for mounting with other accessories. Their twist lock system and accessories further enhance the cases.



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One notable and best-selling accessory from ROKFORM is their Sport Ring. The Sport Ring’s magnets are extra strong compared to standard MagSafe magnets. It is built with aluminum, stainless steel, reinforced polymer, and titanium.

The last attachment to hold an iPhone that I used was made completely of thin plastic, sure to break quickly. The Sport Ring’s magnets are so strong, they attached to the case while it was still in the box. I have not seen that before on these types of add-ons.

One-quarter turn of the Sport Ring sets it in place on the back of either the Crystal or Rugged case. I found the ring to set up easily as a stand to put my iPhone 14 Pro Max in vertical or landscape orientations.

While ROKFORM’s Crystal case is mostly see-through, to enjoy one iPhone 14 Pro Max chosen color, their Rugged case gives the top Apple iPhone an all-black aramid fiber look. Their Rugged case comes with all of the key points that their Crystal case has but changes up corner protection.

Aramid fiber is used on very few smartphone cases. This is by far the best of the three that I have had the chance to use. It has extra strength MagSafe compatible magnets, a magnetic section near the bottom so that you can go hands-free, and beveled corner protection to help with impacts.

Each of the cases protects the iPhone on the inside with a material design that holds it away from any drop point. A non-magnetic plug is included if you want to use wireless charging with either case. I would have liked a Lightning port cover on the Rugged case, to prevent lint and water from entering it.

The surface on the back of each case magnetically supports the full weight of the iPhone on any magnetic surface. Check out ROKFORM’s motorcycle, bike, auto, truck, and golf accessories too.

One of ROKFORM’s other highly purchased mounts is their Dual Magnet Swivel Mount. It is made with premium construction, is easily adjusted to the desired angle with a movable head, has super grip face magnets and rubber, a powerful center magnet, and MagSafe compatible magnet array, it works with all Rokform cases and all MagSafe compatible phones and cases.

The base can be moved to a slight angle as well. This helps with holding an iPhone 14 Pro Max at an angle for improved viewing. This is the sturdiest MagSafe-compatible metal mount that I have used. Because of the strong adhesive on the bottom, there is an instruction link that pops up after scanning a QR code.

I am a fan of iPhone cases that stay strong during the test of time. I had one that lasted for more than five years. The ROKFORM cases are better engineered than that one and should last well past an iPhone lease or normal upgrade cycle.

Star Rating: 4.5/5

Conclusion: ROKFORM’s iPhone 14 Pro Max Crystal and Rugged cases provide more than simple protection from drops and scratches, they come with a two-year warranty. Their Sport Ring and Dual Magnet Swivel Mount go beyond simple MagSafe compatibility too. Altogether, the ROKFORM cases and accessories keep you moving with an iPhone 14 Pro Max that will look like day one.


  • Similarly priced to other rugged cases
  • Roklock accessory system works very well
  • Rugged aramid fiber looks stealthy
  • Extra strong magnets in the cases and accessories


  • Sport Ring needs to be removed for wireless charging
  • I would have liked a Lightning port cover for the Rugged case

Disclosure: I was supplied the ROKFORM’s iPhone 14 Pro Max Crystal and Rugged cases at no cost for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Some photos may be courtesy of ROKFORM.