AirTag Saves Dog Swept Away in California Floodwaters

AirTag Saves Dog Swept Away in California Floodwaters

Apple’s AirTag has done it again, as it has helped find a dog that was swept away in California floodwaters. ABC7 reports Seamus, a one-year-old Australian shepherd, fell into a fast-moving storm drain after he got loose from his owner during a walk.

The 1-year-old pup Seamus, an Australian Shepherd, fell into a fast-moving storm drain after he ran away from his owner while on a walk.

Before his dog mom could grab him, Seamus found his way into a flood control basin, and was pulled away by fast-moving waters.

“He got away from me and he just went down into this drainage,” Seamus’ owner Emilie Brill said. “The water was going so fast I think all it took was one paw in that water and he was gone.”

Seamus, who was wearing an AirTag on his collar, was eventually able to crawl out of an access tube.

“Seamus was equipped with both Apple AirTagĀ & a conventional ID Tag which aided rescuers and owners in tracking the pup and reuniting them,” the fire department said in a social media post.

Brill is simply grateful to be reunited with her pup.

“I was just blown away by that level of response from our emergency services,” Brill said.

Although Apple has warned that AirTags are not for tracking pets, children, and other living things you might lose from time to time, many folks use them for that very purpose. (Well, I know they do for pets, although surely there is a child or two walking around with an AirTag around their necks.)

AirTag uses the global Find My network to help locate lost items, all while keeping location data private and anonymous with end-to-end encryption. AirTag can be purchased in one and four packs for just $29 and $99, respectively.