Bloomberg’s Gurman: Apple Working on Touchscreen MacBooks

Bloomberg’s Gurman: Apple Working on Touchscreen MacBooks

A report on Wednesday from Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman claims Apple is now working on adding touchscreens to Macs. Gurman says a new MacBook Pro with an OLED display could be the first touchscreen Mac in 2025.

Gurman said Apple engineers are “actively engaged in the project,” saying the company is “seriously considering” producing touchscreen Macs. The first MacBook Pro with a touchscreen would have the usual laptop design, including a trackpad and a keyboard. However, the display would provide touchscreen input like that offered by an iPhone or iPad.

The first touchscreen Macs are likely to use macOS, as Apple is not actively working to combine iPadOS and macOS, according to the report.

If Apple did debut a touchscreen Mac, the Cupertino firm would be reversing a long-held opposition to the idea of touchscreens on the Mac that stretches back to at least 2010, when late Apple CEO Steve Jobs said that “touch surfaces don’t want to be vertical” due to arm fatigue associated with holding up a finger to the screen.

(Via MacRumors)