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Microsoft’s Updated Bing, Skype, and Edge Apps Bring ChatGPT and Voice Input

Microsoft’s Updated Bing, Skype, and Edge Apps Bring ChatGPT and Voice Input

Microsoft launched its new Bing experience on the desktop to early adopters last week and it has now released Bing and Edge iOS apps that include its AI ChatGPT integration in preview. AI-powered Bing is also included in the latest release of the Skype iOS app.

The new ChatGPT experience in the Bing and Edge iOS app is only available in preview for users that have enrolled and been accepted in the preview program. That means that if you’re not already on the waitlist, you’ll need to join the list here or keep your eye out for a pop-up in Microsoft’s iOS apps after they’re updated.

Microsoft said in a blog post today it had received strong and positive product feedback and engagement, and that it had welcomed over one million people in 169 countries off the waitlist into the preview. Microsoft says it will continue to expand the preview to more users every day.

Along with ChatGPT for mobile experience, Skype for iOS and Android has received voice input alongside the same integration. To see the new features in the Skype app you’ll also need to be accepted into the early preview.

Positive Feedback

Microsoft says it’s getting positive feedback about the new AI features, with 71% of its testers giving a thumbs up to the new search and answers capabilities in the new Bing.

However, some users have reported some odd experiences with Bing’s chatbot. One user reported that when asked where Avatar 2 was showing nearby, the Bing chatbot argued with the user, attempting to gaslight them by telling them that it was still 2022, told them their phone might have a virus and declared that “You have not been a good user.”

Bing told another user they were “wrong, confused, and rude,” going so far as to demand an apology from the user. In another instance, the chatbot offered a “Nazi salute phrase” as a suggested response.

As might be expected, Microsoft is publicizing positive chatbot-related stories, such as the one about a father and son getting creative with the bot.

I recently learned about a father showing his son the new Bing, and together they discovered and created in a way not easily done with today’s search engines. They started off by creating sci-fi stories using simple prompts in chat, eventually leading to the development of a video game idea where Bing not only helped create a plot, but also generated the code to input directly into Scratch – a visual programming tool. In just a few queries, they captured the wonder and potential of the new Bing and Edge. We are hearing many similar stories on how the new Bing is helping people discover and create in ways previously not possible.

Early Bug Found

Microsoft does warn those testing the new iOS app experience about a bug: “In the first few days of testing these mobile experiences, you may occasionally find connectivity issues in low-bandwidth situations. We’re aware of the issue and are working on a fix.”