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How To Split an Amazon Purchase Between Two Credit Cards

How To Split an Amazon Purchase Between Two Credit Cards

If you ever wondered whether splitting an Amazon purchase between two cards was possible, the answer is yes. While Amazon says that this direct method of purchase is not allowed, here is a clever workaround.

Quick Outline

The idea is simple. You’ll purchase an Amazon eGift card and apply as much money as you want from your first credit card. Once purchased, you’ll convert your Amazon gift card into Amazon credit. That’s done by loading the gift card balance into your Amazon account. Finally, you’ll be able to finish the payment with your second credit card, after choosing to apply your Amazon gift card balance.

Step by Step

Follow these steps to execute what we outlined above.

Step 1

To split a payment between two cards on Amazon, purchase an Amazon gift card with the desired amount you want to apply from your VISA, Amex, or MasterCard. We direct you to the eGift card because the purchase is nearly instantaneous. If you chose a physical gift card, it also works, but you will have to wait for its delivery. Fill out your eGift card info and use your email address for both the TO and FROM lines when selecting “Email” as the delivery method. Add the prepaid VISA/MC gift card or credit card as a new payment method and complete the purchase.

Step 2

Once you receive your eGift card over email, redeem it into your Amazon account by following this link while you’re logged into your Amazon account. 

Step 3

Add to the cart and checkout the product you desire. By editing the payment method, apply your Amazon gift card balance to the purchase. Apply as much as your gift card allows. Alternatively, you can redeem your Amazon gift card voucher here as well (effectively skipping Step 2).

Step 4

Pay the remainder with the second credit card (Visa/Amex/Mastercard/Discover) that’s linked to your Amazon account.

Can You Split Payments on Amazon?

Splitting an Amazon purchase between two cards can be done. You just have to be creative. If you find this tutorial helpful, see our how-to section for more tips and tricks.