There’s an iPhone With MicroLED Display Reportedly in Your Future

There’s an iPhone With MicroLED Display Reportedly in Your Future

Apple is planning on releasing an iPhone with a microLED display in your future, according to a report today from supply chain publication DigiTimes. microLED display technology would provide higher brightness, improved battery life, improved contrast ratio, and other benefits compared to OLED displays that will be used on all four iPhone 15 models this fall.

The paywalled DigiTimes report claims the Apple Watch Ultra will be the first Apple device to make the move to microLED, soon to be followed by the iPhone and iPad:

Starting with Apple Watch, Apple plans to further introduce microLED display to iPhone and iPad. Some sources from IT industry forecast that Apple Watch Ultra will no longer use existing OLED display by end-2024 or 2025 as it will be replaced by Apple’s self-developed microLED display.

The Apple Watch Ultra is not expected to make the move to a microLED display until 2025, meaning the iPhone likely won’t use the technology for several years to come.

Although Apple is initiating a move to microLED, the company is still in the process of transitioning from LCD to OLED display technology. The Apple Watch has always used OLED displays since it first hit shelves back in 2015, and iPhone models began a gradual switch to OLED displays starting in the 2017 model year. The first iPad Pro and MacBook models with OLED displays are rumored to be getting ready for a 2024 release.