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Apple Says Its Racial Equity and Justice Initiative Funding Has Hit $225M

Apple Says Its Racial Equity and Justice Initiative Funding Has Hit $225M

Apple has announced that it has doubled its initial $100M commitment to the Racial Equity and Justice Initiative since it launched back in 2020.

In addition to the $200M that has already been invested, the company also announced an additional $25M in venture capital funding – and is also continuing the gradual international rollout of the program.

“Building a more just and equitable world is urgent work that demands collaboration, commitment, and a common sense of purpose,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “We are proud to partner with many extraordinary organizations that are dedicated to addressing injustice and eliminating barriers to opportunity. And we’ll continue to lead with our values as we expand our efforts to create opportunities, lift up communities, and help build a better future for all.”

The Racial Equity and Justice Initiative was initiated in June 2020. At that time, Cook said the initiative would significantly broaden the scope and impact of Apple’s existing work in the racial justice space and would use a model already in place for Apple’s environmental efforts.

Apple’s said its efforts would build upon its work with historically black colleges, community colleges, STEM education, and underserved students and teachers. It would also create new partnerships with black-owned businesses.

Alongside this, Apple also introduced a new developer entrepreneur camp for Black developers, promising to increase the money it spends with the Black-owned partners and companies it does business with.

Apple also announced that it has added New Zealand to its initiative.

Today, Apple announced new programming in New Zealand in partnership with Te Pūkenga — New Zealand Institute of Skills & Technology, the country’s largest vocational educator. This work will support efforts to equip educators with the skills they need to prepare underrepresented Māori and Pasifika students to enter the country’s growing technology sector.

For more information about the initiative, read the Apple press release here.