LG to Bring AirPlay Support to Its Hotel Room TVs Later This Year

LG to Bring AirPlay Support to Its Hotel Room TVs Later This Year

LG Electronics has announced that it will be one of the first TV manufacturers to support Apple’s AirPlay update, which will provide easy access ‌to AirPlay‌ on hotel room TVs.

In a press release (via ZDNet), LG said that later this year, it will introduce LG Pro: Centric Smart Hotel TVs that include built-in ‌AirPlay‌ technology.

“This is a major advancement for in-room entertainment in the travel and hospitality industry, and underscores how closely we are listening to the needs of consumers who increasingly demand simple access to their personal media options on the biggest screen, wherever they are,” said LG Business Solutions hospitality vice president Michael Kosla. “Hotels that offer this feature will have an immediate leg up with travelers who use Apple devices, boosting guest satisfaction while providing real differentiation from local competition.”

LG Electronics worked with Apple to make sure that AirPlay will be as easy to use at a hotel as it is at home. Guests will connect their iPhone or iPad securely to the LG smart hotel TV by simply scanning a unique QR code. There will be no logins or passwords to remember and no separate app to download, making it simple for hotel guests to access their personal entertainment apps and accounts on the TV in their room. LG says ‌AirPlay‌ will work on the TVs it is releasing this year as well as “recent year’s models.”

Apple at WWDC said that it is partnering with select hotels to bring ‌AirPlay‌ to supported television sets. IHG Hotels & Resorts, which operates 6,000 locations worldwide, will be one of the first companies to support ‌AirPlay‌ in its hotels.

(Image credit: Maria Diaz/ZDNET)