PSA: iPadOS 17 Will Not Support These iPads

PSA: iPadOS 17 Will Not Support These iPads

Apple on Monday unveiled iPadOS 17, the upcoming latest version of its iPad operating system. iPadOS 17 is currently available in beta form and will launch to the public in the fall. Unfortunately for some iPad users (including yours truly), the new version of iPadOS drops support for a few older iPads.

iPadOS 17 drops support for the following iPads:

  • iPad Pro (1st generation)
  • iPad (5th generation)

iPadOS 17 remains compatible with the following iPad models:

  • iPad Pro (2nd generation and later)
  • iPad Air (3rd generation and later)
  • iPad (6th generation and later)
  • iPad mini (5th generation and later)

We’ll likely see a public release of iPadOS 17 in October, just as iPadOS 16 was last year.