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Apple Has Been Working On ‘Apple GPT’ AI Tool For Quite a While

Apple Has Been Working On ‘Apple GPT’ AI Tool For Quite a While

Apple is working on its own “Apple GPT” artificial intelligence projects, which could rival OpenAI’s ChatGPT, says Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman. Gurman says work on AI has become a priority at Apple during the last few months. Chatbot services and AI functions in apps have rapidly expanded in recent months, driving Apple’s exploration of the technology.

Apple shares gained as much as 2.3% to a record high of $198.23 after Bloomberg reported on the AI effort Wednesday, recovering from earlier losses.

Gurman says his sources tell him that the iPhone maker has developed an “Ajax” framework for large language models like ChatGPT, Microsoft’s Bing, and Google’s Bard. The company has also developed its own internal chatbot that some engineers refer to as “Apple GPT,” which is a play on ChatGPT. However, Gurman says Apple does not yet have a “clear strategy” for creating a product for consumers.

Apple is reportedly worried that it is lagging behind on new AI-based technologies, which are quickly changing how users interact with smartphones. Currently, Apple is limiting access to the “Apple GPT” technology, as Apple employees must get special access to access the chatbot app that Apple is currently working on, and the app’s output cannot be used to develop new product features for customers. Apple GPT can currently answer questions based on the data that Apple used to train it.

Apple has built the Ajax platform based on Google’s Jax machine learning framework, which runs on Google Cloud. Apple had reportedly trialed OpenAI’s technology for its corporate teams but decided against signing a contract with OpenAI.

Apple has several teams working on artificial intelligence and attempting to solve problems like privacy concerns. Apple has long been cautious about moving forward with new technologies, often waiting until other companies have worked out the kinks before dipping its toe in the development waters. Apple has always prioritized privacy ahead of functionality, leading to its Siri virtual assistant lagging a bit behind in features behind other companies’ assistants, including those from Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Amazon, and others.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently said there are a “number of issues that need to be sorted” with AI, and that it’s important to be “deliberate and thoughtful” in the development approach. Cook’s comments came during Apple’s May earnings call. Cook continued musing on the matter, saying that Apple views AI as “huge,” and plans to “continue weaving it in products on a very thoughtful basis.”

In an interview with Good Morning America, Cook commented that he uses ChatGPT and that it’s something that the company is “looking at closely.”

There haven’t been any indications about when Apple might release a chatbot into the wild, but the company is reported to be working on improving machine-learning features in its products.

Gurman says Apple is growing concerned about falling behind in the AI space, as the new technology begins to transform the way people interact with their phones, computers, and other technology. Apple’s devices could begin to suffer if the company doesn’t keep up in the AI space.

Gurman said in April that Apple is planning a new health coaching service codenamed “Quartz” that uses data from the Apple Watch and uses AI to personalize plans. Also, the company’s much-rumored electric self-driving vehicle will use AI to control the vehicle’s self-driving capabilities.