“Loaner” Apple Vision Pro Developer Kits Now Available

“Loaner” Apple Vision Pro Developer Kits Now Available

Apple on Monday announced the release of Apple Vision Pro developer kits. Developers can now apply to receive a kit starting today. Developers will receive an Apple Vision Pro “loaner” that can be used to develop and test apps.

How it works

We’ll loan you a Vision Pro developer kit to prepare your app for the launch of the new App Store on Vision Pro.

You’ll also receive:

  • Help setting up the device and onboarding.
  • Check-ins with Apple experts for UI design and development guidance, and help refining your app.
  • Two additional code-level support requests, so you can troubleshoot any issues with your code.

This Apple-owned development device needs to be returned upon request.

Notice that Apple says that ‌Apple Vision Pro‌ headsets are Apple-owned development devices. Developers will be required to keep the headsets where they are shipped in a private, secure workspace that is accessible only by the developers who were approved to work with one.

Interested developers can apply on Apple’s website.

How to apply

Submit a brief application for a Vision Pro developer kit. You’ll need to be an Account Holder in the Apple Developer Program, provide details about your team’s development skills and existing apps, and agree to the terms and conditions. Applications will be reviewed and priority will be given to applicants creating an app that takes advantage of visionOS features and capabilities.