Bloomberg: Major iPad Pro Revamp Planned for 2024

Bloomberg: Major iPad Pro Revamp Planned for 2024

We’ve heard rumors about a major update to the iPad Pro next year, and now a new report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman throws a bit more light on the subject.

In the latest edition of his Power On newsletter, Gurman reports that these iPad Pro models will be the “first major update to the product since 2018.” While the iPad Pro has undergone a number of minor changes since 2018, the product has basically remained the same.

Gurman says the new iPad Pro lineup will boast a model with an 11-inch display and a model with a 13-inch display. “That’s similar to the existing lineup, but the larger model is currently 12.9 inches,” he says.

Apple will also switch the iPad Pro lineup to OLED screen technology. The current 12.9-inch iPad Pro uses a mini-LED display, while the 11-inch model uses older backlit LED technology. Gurman says the new iPad Pro models will boast crisper and brighter displays that reproduce colors more accurately.

The new iPad Pro models will be powered by M3 chips. The devices, which are currently being tested by Apple, use model identifiers J717, J718, J720, and J721.

Gurman’s report also mentions a new Magic Keyboard. Apple’s current Magic Keyboard first debuted for the iPad in 2020.

Gurman says the revamped Magic Keyboard will make the iPad Pro “look even more like a laptop than the current setup.” One of the changes is said to include a larger trackpad.

Gurman has previously claimed that the revamped larger iPad Pro will boast a slightly larger display. This means Apple could string the iPad Pro’s bezel or it could increase the footprint of the tablets.

Gurman says the new iPad Pro models won’t be unveiled until “spring or early summer” of 2023.