Is the iPhone 15’s New Leather Alternative Case Going to be Called ‘FineWoven’?

Is the iPhone 15’s New Leather Alternative Case Going to be Called ‘FineWoven’?

Earlier this month, we saw rumors suggesting that Apple will drop its premium leather cases when the iPhone 15 lineup debuts, possibly replacing the leather models with a leather alternative featuring a woven look.

Now, leaker DuanRui, who leaked information about the previous case rumors, has tweeted indicating that Apple will call its new leather alternative “FineWoven.”

‌DuanRui‌ shared images showing cases with the “FineWoven” moniker, but the leaker warned that the images could be showing a “counterfeit product.” While the packages do appear to be photoshopped, DuanRui‌ said that the cases are meant to be a mockup and are based on the new Apple official case.

The cases are reportedly made of a patchwork of two materials that are said to be more eco-friendly with a smaller carbon footprint than cowhide leather.

Apple released its first leather iPhone cases back in 2013, alongside the debut of the iPhone 5S. Each year since then, a new variety of colors of leather cases have been offered for each succeeding iPhone model year. Apple has added new features for the cases as new iPhones were released with new features, such as MagSafe.

We’re likely to get a peek at the new lineup of official ‌iPhone 15‌ cases alongside the ‌debut of the iPhone 15‌ series, which will be announced at a press event set to occur on September 12.

(Images: DuanRui)