iPhone 15 Pro Lineup Will Be Both Thicker & Lighter Than iPhone 14 Pro Lineup

iPhone 15 Pro Lineup Will Be Both Thicker & Lighter Than iPhone 14 Pro Lineup

A report today claims that while the iPhone 15 will be almost identical in size and weight to the iPhone 14, the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are rumored to be both thicker and lighter than the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

Each year, Apple makes small modifications to its iPhone lineup, sometimes rendering accessories for earlier models unusable.

According to data shared by MacRumors, the iPhone 15 will be the same 7.8mm thickness as the iPhone 14. It will be slightly wider at 71.6mm (2.81 inches) to 71.5mm, and it will be longer at 147.6mm (5.8 inches) versus 146.7mm.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 15 will also be lighter than its predecessor by one gram, at 171 grams (6.03 ounces).

No data was included in the report for the iPhone 15 Plus.

While it appears that the iPhone 15 will remain much the same as the previous model, allowing users to upgrade their iPhone and still be able to use most cases. However, the same advantage will not be available for iPhone 15 Pro buyers.

The iPhone 15 Pro will be shorter than the iPhone 14 Pro at 146.6mm to 147.5mm, narrower at 70.6mm to 71.5mm, and thicker at 8.25mm versus 7.85mm. It will also be lighter, at 1.88 grams, compared to 206 grams for the iPhone 14 Pro.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max, will show the same increase in thickness accompanied by a shorter body at 159mm to 160.7mm, a narrower frame at 76.7mm to 77.6mm, and the 221-gram weight is also reduced versus the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s 240 grams.

The report’s sources say the models will be built using Grade 5 Titanium, which will greatly affect the weight of the Pro models.

(Photo credit: Ice Universe)