Apple Reportedly Working on ‘Apple Ring’ Rival to Samsung’s Galaxy Ring

Apple Reportedly Working on ‘Apple Ring’ Rival to Samsung’s Galaxy Ring

Apple is accelerating its development of a smart ring that would compete with Samsung’s Galaxy Ring. The ring would be worn on a user’s finger to track health biometrics, claims a new report coming out of Korea.

According to theĀ Electronic Times, both Samsung and Apple, which are growing the digital healthcare market as a growth engine, are paying attention to smart rings as devices to improve health and wellness through precise measurement of health indicators.

Apple has been monitoring the market for signs that a smart ring would be a popular alternative to a watch. A smart ring can be worn for longer and is easier to sleep with.

Apple is said to be increasingly applying for patents related to an NFC-enabled finger-worn device.

“It seems likely that commercialization is imminent,” said an industry insider quoted in the report.

We’ve seen reports over the years about Apple toying with the idea of a ring wearable for several years, and the company has applied for several patents.

The rumor comes as Samsung prepares to unveil a Galaxy Ring at its second Galaxy Unpacked 2024 event, which is likely to take place in the second half of July. The Galaxy Ring is expected to enter mass production in the second half of the year.

Besides its rumored ability to measure blood flow, the Galaxy Ring is also expected to feature ECG monitoring, sleep tracking, and functionalities for controlling other devices and making wireless payments remotely. The device is expected to be available in several ring sizes.