Apple Now Assembles 14% of Its iPhones in India

Apple Now Assembles 14% of Its iPhones in India

Apple now produces as much as 14% of its iPhones in India, according to a report by Bloomberg. The news indicates Apple is continuing its efforts to diversify its iPhone production efforts away from China.

The figure indicates that about 1 in 7 of the company’s iPhone smartphones are assembled in India, accounting for $14 billion worth of assembled iPhones in the country. iPhone models assembled in the country include the iPhone 12 up through the latest iPhone 15 handsets, although Apple does not assemble Pro and Pro Max iPhone models in the country.

Apple has been increasing its iPhone production in India ever since the country’s “Made in India” initiative took effect, requiring 30% of products sold by foreign companies like Apple to be manufactured or produced inside the country.

Foxconn assembled nearly 67% and Pegatron around 17% of iPhones in India in the fiscal year ending March 2024, according to¬†Bloomberg‘s sources. The remaining devices were produced by Wistron.

Apple has been looking to diversify its manufacturing efforts away from China, due to rising geopolitical tensions and a desire to avoid supply chain disruptions.