Leaker Says iPhone 16 to be Available in New Color-Infused Green Option

Leaker Says iPhone 16 to be Available in New Color-Infused Green Option

Leaker “Fixed Focus Digital,” claims Apple’s upcoming iPhone 16 and possibly iPhone 16 Pro will be available in a color-infused green option. While we’ve seen rumors about available color options for Apple’s next-generation iPhone 16 lineup, the options were said to be only Space Black, White, Gray, and Rose. However, that leaker did say Apple would use the same color-infusing technique it used on the iPhone 15 for the upcoming iPhone models.

While the post was in Chinese and the translation of the Weibo post varies depending on what you use to translate it, we’ve gone with the Google translation:

I have seen the new color of Guozi’s next-generation iPhone… It has a green, glass material + lake green feel, and the perspective is okay…

I just can’t understand why the body color is so good-looking and Deco has to be If you do different color treatment, the whole thing will look ugly when put together.​​​

The leaker claims to have seen a sample of the color and it is possible they have seen the result of a color-infusing test, or possibly a prototype iPhone 16 Pro, rather than just a Pantone sample. The color is said to be “good looking,” and “beautiful,” and is different from the Alpine Gree color used for the iPhone 13 Pro or the “gree” iPhone 13.

Keep in mind that “Fixed Focus Digital” does not have much of a track record when it comes to rumors. Most recently, the leaker claimed Apple has dropped its development of the iPhone Fold.

You should take rumors like this with a grain of your favorite low-sodium seasoning, as we won’t find out Apple’s color plans for the iPhone 16 lineup until the company debuts the new iPhone 16 lineup in September.