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Pixelmator Pro 3.5.8 Update Adds New Templates, Support for Editing Text in PDFs, More

Pixelmator Pro 3.5.8 Update Adds New Templates, Support for Editing Text in PDFs, More

The Pixelmator Team has released its Pixelmator Pro 3.5.8 update on the Mac App Store. The update brings several new features, including the ability to edit text in PDFs.

Pixelmator had recently added support to the app for vector PDFs, allowing users to import image, shape, and text elements in the portable document format as separate layers.

The latest version expands this support to allow users to edit imported text as regular text layers, allowing existing text in PDFs to be more easily replaced, formatted, and styled using Pixelmator Pro tools.

From the developers’ explanation:

Typically, text in PDF documents is not directly editable. Instead, it’s stored as vector shapes to keep documents looking consistent across various platforms and apps. To make text editable again, Pixelmator Pro extracts various embedded data from the original PDF, allowing it to recover the original text, fonts, and formatting. Even if some of these elements are missing, for instance, if the original font is not installed on your Mac, you can still import the text, select a different font, and continue with your edits.

From the Pixelmator Pro 3.5.8 Mac App Store Page:

What’s New

Pixelmator Pro 3.5.8 brings improved support for vector PDFs — including those created using Apple apps like Safari, Keynote, or Pages — now letting you edit text elements as regular text layers. The update also adds the ability to create freely customizable strokes around text layers and introduces a new Bento Grid template collection.

Text Editing in PDFs

• You can now import and edit text elements in vector PDFs as regular text layers.

• Replace, format, and style the imported text using your favorite Pixelmator Pro tools.

• Thanks to the advanced recovery of embedded text data in PDFs, original text content, fonts, and text formatting are retained.

• Even if a document contains fonts that are not installed on your Mac, you can still import them as editable text layers and replace missing fonts with other available ones.

Extended Support for Apple PDFs

• Enjoy editing text layers in PDFs created using Keynote, Safari, or Pages and unlock exciting new editing workflows.

• PDFs created from web pages using SF Pro font will retain their appearance and original typeface if this Apple system font is installed.

Customizable Text Strokes

• You can now fully customize strokes around text layers, giving you more creative freedom for styling typography elements in your designs.

• In the Style tool settings, add strokes on the inside, center, or outside of text layers, choose from various stroke end styles and corners, and even create dashed strokes.

• Combine multiple strokes of various styles and rearrange them whenever you want, all while keeping your text editable.

Bento Grid Templates

• Showcase your products or new app features with 12 customizable bento grid templates, perfect for web, social media, and more.

• Match your product style or a specific theme with a range of alternative color palettes.

Pixelmator Pro is available exclusively from the Mac App Store and is a free update for existing users and $49.99 for new customers. A no-restrictions, free seven-day trial of the software is available from the Pixelmator website.