The iPhone 16 Plus May Get a Smaller Battery

The iPhone 16 Plus May Get a Smaller Battery

While most of Apple’s iPhone 16 lineup will boast larger battery capacities than their iPhone 15 counterparts, the iPhone 16 Plus will have a smaller battery than its predecessor, according to Chinese Weibo-based leaker OvO Baby Sauce OvO.

OvO Baby Sauce OvO is a relatively new source of supply chain rumors, and as such does not have a proven record when it comes to leaks like this.

The Weibo leaker posted iPhone 16 battery capacity details, all of which match information previously shared on X by “Majin Bu,” with the notable addition of a figure for the iPhone 16 Pro model, which Majin Bu did not include on their list.

The figures, shown below, show the ‌iPhone 16, iPhone 16 Pro,‌ and iPhone 16 Pro Max will feature larger batteries than their predecessors, although the iPhone 16 Plus battery shows a reduction in battery capacity in comparison to the iPhone 15 Plus.

iPhone 15 Lineup (2023) iPhone 16 Lineup (2024) % Change
Base Model 3,349 mAh 3,561 mAh +6%
Plus 4,383 mAh 4,006 mAh -9%
Pro 3,274 mAh 3,355 mAh +2.5
Pro Max 4,422 mAh 4,676 mAh +5%

OvO Baby Sauce OvO does not provide a reason for the alleged reduction in battery capacity for the Plus. It may turn out that the battery size reduction may turn out to be a push, due to Apple making efficiency improvements in other categories. Or Apple may be reducing battery capacity in the iPhone 16 Plus to emphasize the difference between the iPhone 16 Plus and the iPhone 16 Pro Max in an attempt to influence customers, giving them a nudge toward the top-tier iPhone 16 model.

Another rumor from yeux1122 claims this year’s ‌iPhone 16 Pro‌ Max will boast an even bigger 30-hour-plus battery life (compared to 29 hours for the iPhone 15 Pro Max). The post also mentions that the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max handsets will boast larger 6.3-inch and 6.9-inch screens, respectively, along with “improved quality.”

yeux1122 also claims the iPhone 16 Pro will add a 2TB version to meet the demand for high-capacity video recording in Apple’s ProRes format, and that the iPhone 16 Pro Max will be equipped with a 48-megapixel Sony IMX903 custom main lens using 1MG+. 7P molded glass-plastic module enhances optical performance. Last but not least, yeux1122 says the iPhone 16 Pro will gain 2 new colors, Desert Yellow (Titanium Gold) and Cement Gray (Cement Titanium Gray).

As usual, for reports like this, you should take it with a grain of your favorite sodium-free seasoning. As we get closer to the iPhone 16 lineup’s release date we’ll be able to begin confirming reports like these.