Apple Arcade Adding Three New Games in July

Apple Arcade Adding Three New Games in July

Apple today announced that it will be adding three new games to Apple Arcade on July 3. The new games for July include Outlanders 2: Second Nature, which is a town-building strategy game, side-scrolling action game Punch Kick Duck+, and the calm and relaxing game Zen Koi Pro+.

Apple describes the new games as follows:

Outlanders 2: Second Nature by Pomelo Games

The latest installment of the charming town builder will captivate players with its imaginative levels, easy-to-learn but hard-to-master gameplay, and offbeat humor. A courageous new generation of outlanders are ready to reshape life in the Outlands with new approaches to building and surviving an ecosystem more vibrant than ever before. Featuring a campaign mode with 21 levels at launch and a challenges mode updated biweekly, players will experience fully revamped graphics, new Tropiclands and Winterlands biomes with weather events, double the amount of buildings and resources, and a charming cast of leaders with unique personalities.

Punch Kick Duck+ by Shaun Coleman

Players will navigate through the tower of the cruel Baron Tigrisso, battling his hench-critters with simple controls and challenging action. The rules of the game are simple: Punch beats kick, kick beats duck, and duck beats punch. With three selectable difficulty levels, a colorful cast of characters, and support for both landscape and portrait orientation, players will need to think quick and act quicker to send foes flying and chase their high score.

Zen Koi Pro+ by LandShark Games

Dive into tranquility with Zen Koi Pro+, a single-player experience designed for ultimate relaxation. Inspired by the Asian myth of a koi fish transforming into a dragon, players can collect over 50 breathtaking koi patterns, each boasting vibrant colors and captivating designs. With frictionless fun and a focus on stress relief and completion, Zen Koi Pro+ offers more than just relaxation — it’s a journey of symbolism and cultural significance, embodying positive values of perseverance, good fortune, and longevity through the serene world of koi.

Apple will also be providing updates for several hit games already on the service:

  • NBA 2K24 Arcade Edition: Celebrate tonight’s championship finals by hitting the court with eight more Greatest Players available today, including Kevin Durant, Damian Lillard, Kevin Garnett, Clyde Drexler, and more.
  • Hello Kitty Island Adventure: On June 13, it’s time for the Paper Parade, which celebrates individuality, self-expression, love, and being oneself. It’s one of Tuxedo Sam’s favorite holidays, and he needs players’ help to build a float.
  • Sonic Dream Team: On June 12, players can complete their journey through Sweet Dreams with two new acts. Players who collect all dream orbs and moons can also try out Bittersweet Way, a special new endgame “experts only” mission.
  • Crossy Road Castle: Navigate 20 exhilarating and chaotic levels in Prank Parade, a brand-new challenge event.
  • WHAT THE CAR?: Take turns with friends and family on a shared device, and race their best time shown as a ghost car.
  • Bloons TD 6+: The all-new Boss Rush event will put entire teams to the test against special bosses.

Pricing and Availability

  • Apple Arcade is available for $6.99 (U.S.) per month with a one-month free trial. Customers who purchase a new iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV receive three months of Apple Arcade for free.1
  • Apple Arcade is part of Apple One’s Individual ($19.95 U.S.), Family ($25.95 U.S.), and Premier ($37.95 U.S.) monthly plans, with a one-month free trial.2
  • Arcade Originals are playable across iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Vision Pro. App Store Greats are available on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Vision Pro.
  • An Apple Arcade subscription gives a family of up to six unlimited access to all the games in its catalog.
  • Availability for the 200+ titles across devices varies based on hardware and software compatibility. Some content may not be available in all areas.