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Apple’s Next MacBook Pros Will Have Redesigned Case

Apple’s Next MacBook Pros Will Have Redesigned Case

Even though we just got new MacBook Pros, the rumors of the next update are upon us, with a new report claiming that the next model will feature a completely redesigned case construction.

The above is a mockup circulating around the release of the 2011 MacBook Pros showing what a LiquidMetal MBP might look like.

Citing “reliable confirmation”, MacRumors reported on the plans for a case redesign, however, no details are offered on what changes Apple could make to the unibody construction. Personally, I’d be unsurprised to see the casing be made of LiquidMetal.

Though the latest refresh of MacBook Pros are just two months old, rumors of the next update have already begun, with a new report claiming that the next model will feature a newly redesigned case construction.

MR writes a report from iLounge stating that the newly redesigned MacBook.

AppleInsider first reported in February that Apple plans to transition its notebooks in the next 12 to 18 months and add features from its hot-selling thin-and-light MacBook Air notebooks. Major changes to the MacBook Air including instant-on, standard flash solid-state drives, slimmer enclosures, and the omission of optical drives are expected to become more prevalent in the design of many Mac notebooks planned for introduction in the future.

So, what do you want in a 2012 MacBook Pro? For me, a lighter, slimmer design, option to easily replace the optical drive with an extra hard drive, and an integrated SSD would do the trick. Sound off in the comments?

  1. Richard says:


    1. J. Glenn Künzler J. Glenn Kunzler says:

      Blu-Ray would be nice, especially for the Mac Pro crowd… but do you really think it’d be used much on a MacBook?

  2. Jeff g. says:

    I think apple should just kill the MacBook air idea and make a slimer MacBook line that has ssd, optical (bluray would be nice like mentioned above), retina touch screen, a new apple laptop keyboard. This would be incredible in my opinion but hey I’m only one person. What do you think of my ideas?

  3. Kayoone says:

    I don’t really see a slimmer MacBook pro given the current heat and noise issues. If so, they would need to remove the opt drive completely.

  4. Chinmay says:

    Remember apple hired a carbon fiber specialist… my best guess is a carbon fiber enclosure … presumably black…!!!

  5. Matt says:

    Oh come on man… if you want your macbook pro to be more like a macbook air, then why not just own a macbook air?
    Honestly, if they end up getting rid of the optical drive, and basically make it a larger macbook air… then I swear i’m switching to windows. Seriously, enough of the macbook pro “air” ideas. Go buy a macbook air for pete sakes. Some people would actually like a laptop that could easily replace their desktops’ features. If I wanted all portability like some of you want, I’d get myself a damned macbook air, or even a iPad. Seriously, stop trying to make the macbook pro the new macbook air. I know apple isn’t that stupid to follow the macbook pro “air idea that a few of you simple minded people beg for.

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  7. donnalb says:

    I like my new Macbook Pro just as it is, if they changed it to that or at all I probably would not have bought it. It took me over a year to save for it. 

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