Review: Pad & Quill Octavo For iPad 2

Review: Pad & Quill Octavo For iPad 2

I love my iPad 2. I also love books. Furthermore, Moleskine journals make me feel all fuzzy inside. What do you get when you put the three together? Amazingly enough, you get the Pad & Quill Octavo for iPad. Read on for a closer look.

Initial Thoughts

When I first removed the Octavo from it’s box, I was immediately stricken with how professional the device looks. The beautiful turned corners, sleek leather finish (and “new book smell”), and beautifully finished birchwood interior combine for a stunning appeal.

Add to that the Octavo’s native support of the iPad 2’s sleep function (there are magnets in the cover), and the fact that it creaks when you open it just like a real heirloom book… and you have a truly stunning, solid, and professional tool that you can use to carry your iPad.

Strong Points

So many strong points. Pad & Quill seem to have thought of everything, from the overall excellent quality of the construction, to a strap that covers the back camera of the iPad 2, to implementation of Smart Sleep technology. I can really say only good things about the Octavo.

They’ve even thoughtfully included an interior pocket to house document you may need to carry. In addition, they have included a set of pads, so if you don’t like exactly how your iPad 2 sits in the Octavo, you can use the soft rubber pads to elevate the corners.

Suggestions For Improvement

Considering how large the end product is (admittedly, however it’s about as thin as you could durably make a product like this), I found myself wondering if perhaps the inclusion of a battery booster for the iPad might be in order? I also found myself wishing that the corners were a bit more rounded.

The Octavo’s “cut out” corners, while they do reflect a very traditional taste in bookbinding, did not personally match my aesthetic preference, although they are still beautiful.

Wrapping It Up

The Octavo is an amazing case for the iPad. Its professional enough to bring into a business meeting, or to use during church, yet it’s casual enough to take on the bus or train, to make use of at the Starbucks, or even to chill out on the couch with while reading a good book.

Conclusion & Rating

The Octavo is a wonderfully designed product, and considering the low price of just $60, you’d be hard pressed to find all of the features and quality of this case in any other product for the price. I award the Octavo 8.5 out of 10 points, subtracting just a bit for the corners, as well as leaving room for improvement in the future. Great job, Pad&Quill!

For more information, or to purchase the Octavo for a mere 60 clams, visit Pad & Quill’s product page on the net.