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South Carolina schools to get iPads instead of textbooks

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Not to be outdone by kindergarten students in Maine, Charleston County School District in South Carolina has approved the purchase of iPad 2s for each student in Drayton Hall Elementary as well as another unnamed school in the district. Did Stephen Colbert, a South Carolinian, have anything to do with this?

The elementary school has already been testing iPads in kindergarten, first and third grade classes with success. Amy Winstead, an elementary teacher at Drayton Hall said, “they have made a huge difference in learning. The kids’ test grades have gotten much better. It saves so much paper. Eventually we’re hoping to let kids take tests and quizzes on the iPads and e-mail them to their teachers.”

The school technology budget normally allows for two new computers per classroom but this program will ensure that each student has access to her own iPad. The school district is justifying the added expenditure because it hopes to save on textbook purchases and copies printed for homework. If it proves successful, each student in the district will receive an iPad.

The school district in Maine has gotten some backlash from a group of parents about the expense of issuing iPads. But, anything that improves test scores and, more importantly, engages and inspires children more in school is hugely beneficial. You can’t put a price tag on that.

[via WCSC TV]

  1. seems like iPad is going to schools in a big way!

  2. Robert Mar says:

    This race toward installing technology in schools may very likely cause even more cases of childhood cancers, diseases, and behavioral issues like depression , anxiety, and ADD. It has been shocking to see how much non ionizing radiation our children are being exposed to on a daily basis courtesy of the school system. On the youtube site ELECTROSMOG21 there is documentation of radiation levels in the school computer lab that is 24000 times the natural level that kids have been exposed to prior to the proliferation of wireless / cellular technology ( wifi in schools, cell phones, wireless home phones, cell towers everywhere, cell attennas in even more places than cell towers, etc…) While I have yet to take readings on the EMFs emitted from an Ipad it is safe to say that there is a field present and that it will just add to our childrens toxic burden, ultimately lowering thier bodies ability to fight off disease and making them more vunerable to disease. That is my opinion based on the 2 years of research I have done. See the favorited videos on electrosmog21 for the opinions of scientists and doctors from around the world. I will post a video of the levels of radiation being emitted from an Ipad tomorrow on YOUTUBE at ELECTROSMOG21

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