Electronic Arts Buying Firemint, Makers of Real Racing 2 HD for iPad

Posted in Apple News on 03/05/2011 by James Britton


Ea logo standardFiremintElectronic Arts, makers of everything from cross-platform game titles such as The Sims 3 World Adventures and MADDEN NFL 11, has just bought Firemint, the makers of the gorgeous Real Racing 2 HD. This move by perennial player EA swallowing up a newcomer iOS game developer demonstrates how important iOS has become as a gaming platform.

Melbourne, Australia based Firemint’s 55 employees will continue working down under, hopefully adding to their exciting iPad-as-controller concept iPad game titles.

Be sure to check out Real Racing 2 HD for iPad.

Real Racing 2 HD for iPad.png

via WSJ.com

James Britton


James Britton

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