Demand For iOS Gadgets Seriously Shrinking Digital Camera Shipments

Demand For iOS Gadgets Seriously Shrinking Digital Camera Shipments

It appears as thought digital camera shipments are down due to the popularity of camera-toting iOS devices such as the iPhone 4 and iPad 2. With the ability to take excellent photos from your iPhone, who needs a digital camera anymore?

Taiwan-based digital still camera (DSC) makers including Ability Enterprise, Altek, Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry) and Asia Optical may see their DSC shipments in the second quarter lower than fore casted due to a shortage of small-size panel because of demand from Apple’s iPhone and iPad, according to sources from upstream players.

iOS products are affecting shipments and purchase of products all over the place – you hear about it quite often – tablets, digital cameras, rival MP3 players – all of these product groups are being trounced by the ultimate all-in-one consumer devices offered by Apple.

The shortage of a number of components is in large part attributed to the fact that Apple locked down the supply chain by pre-paying billions to secure steady supplies, effectively blocking out competitors from getting parts in volume and at reasonable prices.

This is great news for Apple fans, and I’m certainly excited to see Apple thriving to such a degree, but is this good for the world? For the global economy? Sound off in the comments!