Apple Patent Set To Disable Your Camera At Concerts

Apple Patent Set To Disable Your Camera At Concerts

Future iPhones may be capable of preventing you from filming live footage at concerts and festivals. A patent filled by Apple may result in the development of software that is capable of detecting if you’re trying to film a live performance and promptly disable the recording function of your camera.

If introduced, this technology would prevent concert goers from recording copyrighted material on their iPhone and subsequently sharing that footage online at sites such as Facebook & YouTube.

The patent details that the planned software would use infrared technology to activate transmitters installed at venues to inform devices that recording at this venue is forbidden. The software would then deactivate the camera.

I’m sure record labels would love for this technology to be iPhone-ready tomorrow but concert goers that paid out hundreds of dollars to attend a concert and wanting a memento may not share the enthusiasm.

  1. Saby says:

    I don’t think its Apple’s say in whether or not we should record concerts. Apple has nothing to do with it, and I think we should keep it that way. Not like jailbreak can stop people anyway but whatever.

    1. I have my doubts about this patent too. I wonder if Apple took the patent solely for the “value” in holding it. It might be something they would be willing to sell or use as a bargaining chip when dealing with others. 

      Apple doesn’t have much to directly gain from implementing this restriction on their camera. But they may something to gain indirectly. 

  2. Stevi Clack says:

    Apple trying to be Big Brother much?

  3. Melissa Estuesta says:

    I agree with Saby; This may be overstepping a boundary. That and I frequently get media clearance, and don’t really want to carry around a miniDV camera again. I’m cheap and lazy, okay?

  4. Wow says:

    I bet police wold love this technology to insure gross rights violations are not recorded by pesky do-gooders as well.  Maybe Apple could rat out people filming atrocities in the Middle East to their governments as a subscription service.  Neat!

  5. Let me thank, in advance, the hackers who would disable such nonsense on my jailbroken iPhone.  Looks like Apple are going to replace M$ft in more ways than two. 🙁

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