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Apple’s Free iCloud Is Replacing MobileMe: What MobileMe Users Need To Know

Apple’s Free iCloud Is Replacing MobileMe: What MobileMe Users Need To Know

Now that Apple has replaced MobileMe with their upgraded (and free) iCloud service, many MobileMe users are having troubles logging in to their services, and are wondering what to do. Here’s what you need to know:

Apple has officially stopped offering MobileMe as of today, although users who have an active subscription may continue to use that subscription until it expires. For those having troubles, the explanation of why is that they are moving your content over to iCloud. They have posted a support document to help users with the transition. The document reads:

Effective June 6, 2011, if you had an active MobileMe account, your service has been automatically extended through June 30, 2012, at no additional charge. After this, the MobileMe service will no longer be available.
There are a couple things you should be aware of…

Following the transitiuon, all your MobileMe mail, contacts and calendars will be moved to iCloud and you will retain your me.com or mac.com email address, Apple promises. MobileMe Family and storage upgrades won’t be available after today. Additionally, you can no longer create a new MobileMe account or start a two-month trial after June 6, 2011 (yes, today). People with unused activation codes obtained with a MobileMe box purchase can submit a refund request here.

The MobileMe web interface is currently unavailable, but mail accounts, contact syncing, and other MobileMe features can still be accessed from me.com for the time being. Once iCloud officially goes live, the transition will be seamless – your files, email, calendar, and settings will all automatically transfer over – although I would caution that if you have more than 5GB of files on iDisk, you’ll definitely want to remove those before your MobileMe subscription runs dry, as iCloud only includes 5GB of online storage.

You can read the full support document here. Are you excited about wireless backups and MobileMe being put to death, and iCloud going free? Let us know!


  1. *Glamour Kitty * says:

    I’m not clear on what will happen to the fee I was just charged (on 5/31!) for an automatic renewal. Will it be refunded or pro-rated? The site only refers to unused activation codes on a box. I don’t have a box–I’ve had automatic renewals for years.

    1. Suttonsam says:

      I renewed on 31st May also after my free trial.
      Apple auto renewed me. Has this been a huge waste
      Of my money (£60)??

      1. It looks like some people are getting refunded – and I think anyone can call AppleCare and request a refund under those circumstances.

    2. Andrea Forasassi says:

      I have been charged for renewal on 5/31 as well. I feel really disappointed

    3. Andrea Forasassi says:

      I have been charged for renewal on 5/31 as well. I feel really disappointed

  2. Kathryn says:

    If I understand the support document correctly existing MobileMe subscription will expire June 30 2012, but if you do not buy the new OS Lion system (where i-Cloud will be free) everything could be lost at that point?

  3. I knew I should’t have renewed on april 30th…

  4. Preilly49 says:

    So what happens from July 1 until the fall? Couldn’t one expire when the other is ready to go live? And what gives going from 20GB down to 5GB? Can someone explain? I feel disconnected.

  5. Preilly49 says:

    Ah. I misread the date. MobileMe will expire end of June 2012 not 2011. There is an overlap of iCloud and MobileMe. I feel connected again!

  6. Bclayton2 says:

    Why would I need MobileMe until June 2012 if the icloud is free in the fall. Apple needs to prorate from the live date to the date you are paid up to. But like everything I know about the apple, they could care less about that kind of stuff.

    1. Jqpurdue says:

      I agree… what is the point of continuing on with MobileMe if the same features Only better) are basically available at no cost via icloud?  Why would anybody care to pay more for less for a service they are going to put an end to?  Seems not enough people are asking this seemingly obvious question.

  7. sbella4 says:

    what happens to people using mobileme as a server host for websites created with iweb … ?

    1. In all likelihood, you’ll need to find a new host – but Apple’s extended everyone for no extra money through June of next year, so you have a year to do it,

  8. Whan says:

    Auto renew on may so now u offer free icloud?
    What going on ? Want my money back.
    Can u do better than this ? I’m apply fan more
    Than 20 year never feel like this before.

  9. Thomas Evers says:

    Apple doesn’t mention moviing iDisk, iWeb or Galleries over to cloud.
    “When you sign up for iCloud, you’ll be able to keep your me.com or mac.com email address and move your MobileMe mail, contacts, calendars, and bookmarks to the new service.”
    As far as I can tell, it’s lights off for those aspects of MobileMe. 

    1. Christobar9 says:

      I think the iDisk will be replaced with “Documents” and Galleries with ‘Photo Stream.’ Not sure about iWeb, but it seems like a standalone app, no?

  10. Hikerdog says:

    I’m not too happy.  I sync 40GB of documents and materials across two machines (desktop and laptop) with mobile access from my iPhone and iPad.  

  11. Fred says:

    Does anyone know if plans to charge for more than 5gb

  12. Amos says:

    What isn’t clear is whether iCloud can work on an OS X 10.5.8 system, and if not, what are the alternatives to allow remote access with as nice an interface as Back to My Mac did.

  13. Anne2719 says:

    NO! I’m not excited, and I want my webmail back.

  14. Anonymous says:

    The real problem will be for those with large music files and choose to backup that music to iCloud. 5GB can be used up pretty fast unless your just saving documents and smaller files.
    I think its a better price structure then MobileMe was. But I am still on the fence if I plan to keep it.
    I guess if nothing else I will keep it for the now free email and small storage. 

  15. Nazartraders says:

    i dont have mobile me in iphone 4

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