Custom Widgets Possible For iOS 5 Notification Center

Posted in Apple News, iOS on 10/06/2011 by J. Glenn Künzler


Although Apple hasn’t said anything about support of third-party widgets in the iOS 5 notification center, our source reports that a developer has uncovered a way to develop a simple widget for Notification Center, which he uses as his proof of concept.

His widget shows that, even if Apple does not supply a public API for third-party widgets in the SDK, it is still technically possible to create a widget for Notification Center. His example is a simple “hello, world” type app, which you can see in the screenshot above.

The possibility of custom widgets on iOS 5 intrigues me greatly – and according to known jailbreak developer Chronic, it’s really not difficult – just a matter of creating a custom interface and compiling it in the right way. Below is a shot of the current Notification Center in iOS 5 beta, and how it portrays information.

I hope that Apple opens up Notification Center to third-party widgets – widgets are immensely useful (they’d be particularly interesting on an iPad), and I don’t want to be stuck with whatever small handful of things Apple happens to come up with.

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  • guest

    i installed ESPN Scorecenter app and it was in my notification center… 

    • did it appear as a widget? Otherwise, then it’s just a normal notification

      • Guest!

        mmm… can’t say for sure right now. jumped back to iOS 4 on my iPad. Too buggy. Also none of my Enterprise Apps worked. A problem with the Nav Controller – until we can get it ironed out, I’m sticking with 4.

      • Guest

        Score Center XL shows up as all the other Notifications – with ability to show x number of items, view in lock screen and alert style.
        So – I think that is a go… There are no games going on right now for me to get updated. About another hour until East coast MLB gets going.

    • Brody

      Like a widget? Or just a score update?

  • This could be really great for the iOS platform. I do hope that apple allows 3rd party widgets. However, the notification centre will get clogged up with too many widgets. Widgets need to be diverted to the home/lock screen

  • hmm, if theyre anything like widgets on my Windows laptop, i won’t find any use for them. However, i can see them being pretty handy for iPhone/iPad

  • Guest

    I just tested this using iPush Notification App and indeed the notifications were in the notification screen, as set up. Nothing special required. 


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