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iBamboo – A Bamboo Speaker For iPhone 4

iBamboo – A Bamboo Speaker For iPhone 4

What happens when you combine Bamboo with your iPhone 4? You get an awesome speaker sound system, that’s what!

Merging the latest high tech with the simple beauty of nature, iBamboo is a 100% eco-friendly speaker made from a whole length of bamboo. The natural resonance of the bamboo amplifies the sound produced by the iPhone’s built-in speaker. The sound waves move in two directions at once, intensifying the stereo effect created by the iPhone.

The iBamboo’s natural acoustics not only brilliantly amplify the iPhone 4 internal speaker, but also makes for a great piece of furniture.

Very zen-like.

The iBamboo is a KickStarter project and can be yours for a mere $25 pledge.

  1. René Hupfer says:

    Looks quietly impressive

  2. René Hupfer says:

    Looks quietly impressive

  3. Nb9559 says:

    I can do the samething with a cup

    1. Cool. Can you send us a video?

  4. The Problem is: The iPhone4 only has one speaker.
    And since the iBambooSpeaker is separated in the middle, sound only comes out of one end of the bamboo tube. Sounds like one is deaf on the left ear when you listen to music with it…

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