The App Store Hits 100,000 iPad Apps

The App Store Hits 100,000 iPad Apps

When considering all of the “iPad killer” tablets running around, it makes one wonder what makes one tablet better than another. In my opinion, the answer is the apps – and I’m thrilled to share the report that Apple has hit a milestone of having 100,000 iPad apps available in the App Store!

This is really a pretty incredible achievement for the iPad, for the developers, and even for Apple, and it stands as a strong testament to just how strong the iPad’s growth has been since it’s release last April. Of course, with all of the competing tablets in the last year duking it out with the iPad, this milestone is even more of a victory – compare the iPad’s 100,000 apps to the pathetical number of Android tablet apps that are compatible with their latest Honeycomb OS.

In fact, the exact number (as of this writing) of iPad available in the App Store (which I discovered by browsing the App Store from my iPad) is up to 100,159 – The vast array of iPad optimized apps has been a crucial factor for the iPad’s continued success!

Of course, the App Store is growing much faster for the iPhone than it is for the iPad, but that’s to be expected – still, as support for and demand for the iPad increases, I wouldn’t be surprised to be hearing about 200,000 iPad apps being available in a few months – And likely a surge of new apps for both iPhone and iPad when Apple unveils iOS 5 and iCloud this fall.

So, if you own an iPad, celebrate by downloading an awesome app you haven’t tried before – you owe it to your iPad to show it some love!