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How Enable TRIM Support for SSDs in OS X (Including OS X Mavericks): The Complete Guide

How Enable TRIM Support for SSDs in OS X (Including OS X Mavericks): The Complete Guide

Ever since the release of OS X 10.6.8, Apple has been selectively enabling the TRIM command for SSDs in OS X. This support continues on in Mac OS X Lion, as well as Mountain Lion, and even OS X Mavericks, but as many have noted, it only seems to work for Apple SSDs. Here’s how to enable TRIM across the board:


What is TRIM?

The TRIM command is an important disk command for SSDs that keeps your flash memory appropriately cycled so that you can achieve faster read and write speeds, as well as a longer lifespan for your SSD. As such, TRIM support is not the trivial matter that some make it out to be (although certain manufacturers, such as Other World Computing, include firmware that eliminates the need for OS-level TRIM support).

How to Enable TRIM Via the OS X Terminal (Recommended)

In you have an SSD that supports TRIM, follow the below instructions to enable it in OS X 10.6.8 or later. Note: This involves the use of terminal commands, so proceed at your own risk.

First, enter the command found in this document in the Terminal app on your Mac (found in Applications/Utilities).

After entering this command, you’ll need to enter a second command:

sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions/

The above-linked document also contains some troubleshooting instructions, as well as details on how to disable TRIM support if necessary.

Using a Third Party Tool

If you don’t find success using the Terminal command to enable TRIM for your SSD, there are two third-party apps that can help you enable TRIM support. I recommend trying Chameleon SSD Optimizer first. If that doesn’t do the trick, you can try TRIM Enabler 3.0 or later for Mac. I don’t like to recommend third-party tools, as they often make system-level changes above and beyond those performed by the terminal command – and that may not be in your best interest long-term.

Verifying TRIM Support

To ensure that the command was successful, and that TRIM really is enabled on your SSD, click the Finder menu in the Menu bar, then navigate to About This Mac > More Info > System Report. Then, scroll to the SATA/SATA Express section, and select your SSD. You should see a section called TRIM


Note: In some cases, a restart may be required before TRIM shows as Enabled in the System Profiler. With OS X Mavericks, not all SSDs will report TRIM support, but doing a benchmark both before and after the change should confirm that TRIM is functional.

Added Bonus: Thunderbolt TRIM Support!

As an added bonus in OS X Mountain Lion or later, including OS X Mavericks (I have not tested this in previous versions of OS X), raid can now also be enabled for SSDs hooked to your Mac through a Thunderbolt PCIe controller, such as the excellent Magma ExpressBox 3T!  For more info on these devices, check out our complete review roundup of Thunderbolt PCIe controllers – perfect for Apple’s 2013 Mac Pro!

If you’re looking for an SSD to use in your Mac, I recommend checking out the OCZ Vector or the Sandisk Extreme. Also, make sure to check out the full range of affordable SSDs available on Amazon!

For more helpful tips, check out our full collection of tutorials by visiting our How-To category!

*Update: Revised on 11/6/2013 to reflect changes for OS X Mavericks, to fix errors, and to provide a more complete and comprehensive guide to enabling TRIM support.

  1. Wei Yang says:

    Why are the [REMOVE ME]’s in there?

  2. Brad Hartmann says:

    i get an error on the second line: syntax error near unexpected token ‘.{9}

    1. Ike says:

      replace the quotation-marks with “real double quotes”. they get messed up when you copy and paste.

      1. Ivan Lunevski says:

        trim enabled slowed down boot times dramatically in Lion for me. I’m running an OCZ Vertex 3

  3. McKay Wei says:

    didn’t work for me, got the same error on the sec on line.

  4. Jjjdgdj says:

    Why not just use Trim Enabler. It works just fine in Lion. Why make it soooo complex?

  5. Chris Jones says:

    The reason for doing it this way is because TRIM Enabler replaces Lion files with files from Snow Leopard 10.6.8. This is a simple patch rather than replacing entire files from an older OS, which doesn’t feel right.
    You may be getting syntax errors because of the “curling quotes” in the code above. e.g., ‘ vs ‘. Copy the code above to something like Textmate, vim or TextEdit. Replace the curly single quotes with a standard quote (the one you normally type on your keyboard), and remove the [REMOVE ME] sections.

    I have an Intel X25M 120GB SSD and it worked just fine.

  6. Whitecatcafe says:

    Worked fine for me… just follow Chris Jone’s instructions and you’ll get there. Now I can uninstall ‘TRIM Support Enabler’!

  7. Dhorner71 says:

    call me a dummy but i don’t see any [REMOVE ME] sections…

    anyways i executed the four commands successfully (replacing necessary curly quotes with standard quotes) but when i reboot and open system information for the ssd, i see trim support -> no.

    i just upgraded to lion.  i did have trim support enabled in SL.

    mac mini 2010, intel X25M 120GB SSD.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Dhorner71 says:

      okay.  i got it to work.  i replaced the curly double quotes with the standard single quote.  i still don’t see any [REOMVE ME] sections… 🙂

      thanks all!

  8. jroney says:

    I have an OCZ Solid 3 and this did not work.  The perl one-liner executes fine, but after the reboot TRIM support is not enabled.  I like my MBP, but I absolutely despise Apple for doing bs like this.

  9. Rootonlinux says:

    All the commands ran successfully, however after the reboot Trim Support was still set to no.

    MacBook Pro w/ OS X Lion
    OCZ Vertex 3 SSD

  10. ALM says:

    I used these commands with a Wildfire SSD and worked like a charm. 

     Capacity: 120.03 GB (120,034,123,776 bytes)
      Model: Patriot Wildfire                        
      Revision: 319ABBF0
      Serial Number: PT1126A1624         
      Native Command Queuing: Yes
      Queue Depth: 32
      Removable Media: No
      Detachable Drive: No
      BSD Name: disk0
      Medium Type: Solid State
      TRIM Support: Yes
      Partition Map Type: GPT (GUID Partition Table)
      S.M.A.R.T. status: Verified

  11. Nick says:

    I cannot recommend following these instructions. In my case I executed the commands as described (yes, I replaced the quotation marks), rebooted and found TRIM was still not active.

    After rebooting later again (without changing anything regarding TRIM), my iMac didn’t want to boot from the SSD at all (crossed circle sign instead of Apple logo). I had to start the rescue system and restore the old IOAHCIBlockStorage file. After that I was able to boot again normally.

    My config: iMac 27-inch (late 2009), Mac OS X 10.7 Lion (freshly installed, not upgraded), Crucial m4 512 GB.

  12. Djon says:

    No errors but it didn’t work for me on final Lion build with Crucial M4 512GB.

    1. Christopher Price says:

      Worked for me on a Crucial M4 256GB w/Lion

  13. OCZ Vertex 2 extended 240GB on MBP 15 late 2008 working fine…so far 🙂

  14. Kokken says:

    thank but i get on sudo kextcache -system-caches

    Can’t create kext cache under / – owner not root.

  15. Zak says:

    I get “-bash: syntax error near unexpected token `.{9}'”

    Any thoughts?  Corsair CSSD-V128GB2.  Thanks!

    1. Me says:

      Replace.. those.. Quotes…….           >>  ” to ” <<

      but.. it did not work for me either..
      Intel SSD 320 Series

  16. “I get “-bash: syntax error near unexpected token `.{9}'”

    Any thoughts?  Corsair CSSD-V128GB2.  Thanks!”
    Same thing for me.

    Any ideas someone?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t work for me. Got the same “-bash: syntax error near unexpected token `.{9}'” error as the others.

    System I tried it on:

    24-inch iMac, Early 2008
    SSD Crucial C300 256 GB
    Processor  2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    Memory  4 GB 800 MHz DDR2 SDRAM
    Graphics  ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro 256 MB
    Software  Mac OS X Lion 10.7 (11A511)

    Thanks for the terminal command to reload the backed up file though. Now I don’t need to forever worry about glitches from trying to enable TRIM. I’m actually a little bit glad this didn’t work, it’s just too easy to be true. There’s only one reason Apple wouldn’t enable universal TRIM support, and I have to assume it’s that they weren’t able to fix some kind of big glitch. Any good SSD (which includes my C300) should have what’s known as “garbage collection” enabled within the firmware itself, and while there’s argument as to whether or not it’s as effective as TRIM in very high demand applications, it’s all the typical user or most “prosumers” will ever need. My C300 has been in use for at least 6 months and it’s actually testing a tiny bitter faster now than it did when it was new, so I’m just fine with waiting for Apple to perfect TRIM support.

  18. bonkabonka says:

    Worked for me though I did have to replace the double-quotes around the perl regex with single-quotes to avoid bash being grumpy about “{9}”.  Enabled TRIM on my elderly Kingston SNV425-S2 (2nd-gen JMicron controller).

  19. Rotormotor says:

    Worked for my 320 series Intel SSD (I replaced double quotes with single quotes).

    @fugeesnfunions:disqus your attempt failed due to a parsing error, just change the quotes and it will work if your drive supports TRIM. If Apple supports TRIM on its own drives I don’t see why it wouldn’t work perfectly fine on third party drives. TRIM is a standard, which means the only case they can be concerned about it not working properly is a bad implementation of it in a crappy SSD controller.

  20. Anonymous says:

    your ‘bash syntax error’ stuff is because you are copying smart quotes into the terminal. paste the commands into terminal and replace the smart quotes with regular double quotes.

    i ran these on mine and after i rebooted i got a kernel panic. sooo i personally wouldnt recommend it. i had to plug my macbook into another machine to restore from the kext backup.

    im on a APPLE SSD TS256A

  21. Anonymous says:

    your ‘bash syntax error’ stuff is because you are copying smart quotes into the terminal. paste the commands into terminal and replace the smart quotes with regular double quotes.

    i ran these on mine and after i rebooted i got a kernel panic. sooo i personally wouldnt recommend it. i had to plug my macbook into another machine to restore from the kext backup.

    im on a APPLE SSD TS256A

  22. jo says:

    this didn’t work for me.  tried with replaced double and single quotes.  crucial m4 128, os x lion.

  23. hazard says:

    Editing worked fine (I replaced the quotes). But it did not seem to have any effect. My SSD (OCZ Vertex2) is still listed with “Trim = no” in About This Mac.

    Any suggestions?

  24. Jasonwsaz says:

    Didn’t work for me. I have a OWC Mercury Extreme Pro SSD 120GB.  I replaced the quotes in the code, but after a reboot it still showed trim as NOT being enabled.

    I am running OSX Lion 10.7.0

  25. JP says:

    Worked great for me. Replace the double quotes in the code with single quotes. Don’t forget to reboot. I have an Intel 510 128 Gig SSD drive on an MBP earl 2011.

  26. Jay says:

    Works for me.

    2008 MacBook Pro, 10.7, Intel 160gb G2

    Thanks Glen.

  27. Worked for my OCZ Vertex 2 120GB SSD. 
    Had to replace the double / smart quotes in the ‘perl’ command with single quotes as others have done.
    Glenn, thanks for the article, I’m definitely saving these steps.

  28. Radek says:

    Worked for my computer.
    MacBook Pro 2010, MAC OS X Lion 10.7, ADATA SSD S599 128GB
    Had to replace the double / smart quotes in the ‘perl’ command with single quotes as others have done.

    Glenn, thanks

  29. Ivan Dikic says:

    Its working great, only change this “ with ‘. I have OCZ VERTEX 3 120 GB and mac book pro 13″ 2011

  30. Voyager says:

    Worked great for me too!
    OCZ Vertex 2 120Gb on 17″ MBP core i5 2.53Ghz OS X 10.7


  31. Anonymous says:

    Having fixed the double quotes this still didn’t work for me. MBP 2011, OCZ Vertex 3 128GB.

  32. Greaserz2003 says:

    didn’t work on samsung 470 256gb macbook pro 5,3

  33. sprawli says:

    Worked for me as well with the single quotes.  I have a 2011 17″ MacBook Pro and KINGSTON SNVP325S2512GB.
    p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 158.6px; text-indent: -158.6px; font: 11.0px ‘Lucida Grande’}

  34. Luke Dorny says:

    There are typos

  35. Great manual, it’s amazing you worked this out!
    However I don’t think it worked, since system info for my SSD still says “TRIM Support: No”. Is that the only way to check? It’s an OCZ Vertex2 120gb in a MacBook Pro i7 2010. Lion is still indexing after the install, so maybe that needs to be finished first?

    1. Restored backup, tried again, got some warnings (JMicronATA.kext does not declare a kernel dependency; using com.apple.kernel.6.0.), rebooted and…
      TRIM is enabled now! 
      Any idea what those warnings mean though?

  36. Francois Dillenger says:

    Brilliant, also worked for me.  13″ 2010 MBP with Lion and OCZ Deneva DENCSTE251M2X-0240.  Like others have mentioned, just needed to replace the fancy left/right quotes with plain old single quotes.

  37. Dale Stanbrough says:

    I keep getting -bash: syntax error near unexpected token `.{9}’

    1. TheAngryIntern says:

      I get that error as well

      EDIT: I replaced the two fancy quotes like other people mentioned and the command went through. After a reboot it now says TRIM is supported, thanks a bunch!

  38. Andrew says:

    Can you post the correct syntax command as I have the token error?

    1. That’s the best I can do – just replace the fancy single quotes with straight single quotes (‘). I can’t get WordPress to display the straight single quotes.

      1. James Clarke says:

        Use the <pre> tags.

      2. Tonguetwister says:

        This worked for me. Thanks!

      3. MST says:

        Thanx a lot. Works perfectly.

      4. itpatruljen says:

        Worked like a charm. thanks a lot

  39. Rob says:

    Hey it worked for me. Just wanna say thank you so much. This was REALLY bothering me. Ive been searching and searching for a fix. And like others said, change the fancy (‘) to simple straight ones (‘).

  40. RPD says:

    Worked very well. I had the same issue as others with the “fancy quotes”, simply copied the commands into TextEdit, changed the quote marks, and followed the rest verbatim. Thank you! 

  41. Alkeran says:

    Worked for me with 10.7.1 and OCZ Vertex 2 in a mid 2009 13’MBP.
    Thanks a lot !

  42. Worked like a charm 🙂

  43. Mac Mini 2009, Intel SSDSA2M080G2GC 80GB. Worked on 10.7. Did System Update to 10.7.1, did not have to re-patch in this instance. Working.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Worked for me with 10.7.1 and SAMSUNG 470 Series SSD(256GB) in a late 2009 Mac mini (2.53GHz)Thank you very much!

  45. Opticalserenity says:

    1. Worked great, thanks.

    2. If your SSD still shows no TRIM support check for firmware upgrades. I had to upgrade mine and it now does have TRIM.

    3. Has anyone’s Mac became super slow with TRIM enabled?

  46. Lukesgreyt says:

    It worked on iMac 7.1 with OCZ Vertex 2 120GB 3.5′! 
    Thanks a mill!Only thing I had to change for the patch to be applied where the quotes “‘”

  47. Cezi86 says:

    I confirm – vertex 3 (mine 240GB) works great on MB466 (MB5,1/end of 2008, alu)

  48. Memorypoints says:

    Brand Spankin’ new Mac Mini 2.5i5 10.7.1 remote installed from Apple servers on Intel 320 G3 80GB and this worked beautifully (once I read the tip about changing the quotes . . . RIF!) without installing the latest firmware upgrade (can’t get past FreeDOS_ prompt, but that’s a diseased chicken of another color . . .) but no x whatever bug, firmware 4PC10302 still installed, positive trim and 12 second start ups.  Thanks!

  49. Anonymous says:

    When I tried to patch to enable TRIM I get this error:

    -bash: syntax error near unexpected token `.{9}’

    1. You have to replace the squiggly quote marks with straight ones.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Thanks, that worked.

      2. Herrbraun says:

        Worked for me – new 13″ MBP with Lion, Crucial C300 128Gb SSD (firmware 0007)

  50. Actkoppenaal says:

    Worked excellent,

    Mac mini 2011
      Model Identifier:    Macmini5,1
      Processor Name:    Intel Core i5
      Processor Speed:    2.3 GHz
    OCZ-AGILITY3 120gb

  51. worked perfectly for me on old unibody MB running 10.7.1 and 128GB OCZ-VERTEX

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  53. Billy says:

    Worked for me. Lion 10.7.1, Multibeast 3, Kingston 128G SATA2 SSD.

  54. Guest says:

    KINGSTON SV100S264G – Worked for me – Thanks

  55. Anonymous says:

    THANK YOU – worked on early 2008 MacBook Pro 4,1 Vertex 2 60GB

  56. Corey Mccormick says:

    It freezes up my computer every now and then… how can I remove it? I tried everything in your instructions even as far as manual reverting, and it’s still showing TRIM Support: Yes.

    Any help would be great.

    1. This is why I recommended backing up – you could simply restore from a Time Machine backup if things went sour.  Did you try replacing the quotes in the removal command with straight single quotes?

    2. Matt says:

      This might be due to it still cleaning up free space from before TRIM was enabled.  Wiping free space would help in that case.

  57. Zmcrack says:

    Worked fine with mac mini 2011 and vertex 2 120gb with 1.33 firmware. But I had to do the process from an admin account and altering the quotes.

  58. Ggogins says:

    Worked 1st try w/o any errors!  Running Macbook Pro 2009 w/ Intel SSD 320 160gb.  Blazingly fast!!

  59. Derek Rowley says:

    I get the following:
    -bash: syntax error near unexpected token `.{9}’

    1. Matt says:

      Replace the curved quotation marks surrounding the first block (begins with “s” and ends with “sg” with single quotes.

      1. Bob says:

        Bought last MBP 17 with a Plextor 256Gb, did work like a sharm. Just the ‘s around the sg’. 2th issue for slow boot is, to tell OSX the new boot disc. setting systems boot disc. Thanks for this post. 

    2. I get the same thing

      1. Jadon says:

        I copied the text from the Word document and pasted it into textedit and then removed all text formatting. After that I replaced the single quotation marks with new single quotation marks. I copied that text, pasted it into terminal. Everything worked for me then.

    3. jeanluc says:

      me too. Do you have fixed?

      1. Just swap out the quotation marks for straight single quotes. WordPress won’t display those.

        1. Tom West says:

          The document i have downloaded already has single quotation marks and i still get the error message. so i’m not sure what to do now?

          1. Jadon says:

            I copied the text from the Word document and pasted it into textedit and then removed all text formatting. After that I replaced the single quotation marks with new single quotation marks. I copied that text, pasted it into terminal. Everything worked for me then.

        2. Chemphysical says:

           this fix for for me. ocz agility 3 240 gb macbook pro 17 nividia 9600m gt  CD2 2.8 ghz

  60. Pinky Chukkles says:

    Thanks very much – appeared to

  61. Jason says:

    Worked like a charm on a MBP 5,2 with OCZ Vertex 2 SSD. The ads on this page cover up a portion of the commands. I highlighted the text from “Backup the file that you’re about to patch:” to “If you decide to try this, let us know how it worked for you in the comments!”, opened TextEdit and copied it into there, replaced the quotation marks with the straight ones, and then copied the commands into Terminal. I also saved the TextEdit document to my Documents folder for future reference if I need the commands again.

  62. Jim says:

    This worked for me on a fresh install of Lion with a Crucial M4! Thanks Mactrast for helping to prevent crappy SSD performance in the days to come!

  63. Dennis Raphael says:

    In second line it says: cannot execute binary file

  64. Dennis Raphael says:

    When I Applied the second line aperas: cannot execute binary file

    Any idea?
    Thank you,

  65. worked for me while running OS X 10.7.2 on a 240GB Mushkin SATA II SSD (after replacing the quotes as mentioned in earlier comments)… thanks for the tip!

  66. Patrick says:

    Worked like a charm for me with a Corsair Force 3 SSD. I’m glad that I was able to get TRIM enabled on my third-party SSD, thanks for the tip!

  67. Jgarciaserra says:

    I’ve done it, and now I have a prohibited symbol at startuo and system dont booting!!! What can I do? Help me please

  68. Worked perfectly for me. Lion 10.7.2 and OCZ Vertex2. Thank for the tip!

  69. Chris says:

    Worked for me. 2008 Macbook (not pro) aluminum body 2.4 Core 2 Duo, Patriot Wildfire 240Gb

  70. gaansan says:

    Thank you very much! :)) it worked well with my Asus Rampage III gene Hack LION 10.7.2 and
    Corsair Force 3 SSD:
      Capacity: 240.06 GB (240,057,409,536 bytes)
      Model: Corsair Force 3 SSD                     
      Revision: 1.3.2   
      Serial Number: 1140820400001028031C
      Native Command Queuing: Yes
      Queue Depth: 32
      Removable Media: Yes
      Detachable Drive: No
      BSD Name: disk0
      Medium Type: Solid State
      TRIM Support: Yes
      Partition Map Type: GPT (GUID Partition Table)
      S.M.A.R.T. status: Verified
      Capacity: 209.7 MB (209,715,200 bytes)
      BSD Name: disk0s1
      Content: EFI
      Capacity: 239.71 GB (239,713,435,648 bytes)
      Available: 218.52 GB (218,517,102,592 bytes)
      Writable: Yes
      File System: Journaled HFS+
      BSD Name: disk0s2
      Mount Point: /
      Content: Apple_HFS

  71. David Jung says:

    Tried this on Lion 7.10.2 and it didn’t work.  I used diff to verify that the perl regex replace did indeed replace the “APPLE SSD” with an empty string, but I still get “Trim: No” on the disk info.  Using a Corsair Force series SATA II drive in a Mac Pro 1,1.

  72. David Jung says:

    Tried this on Lion 7.10.2 and it didn’t work.  I used diff to verify that the perl regex replace did indeed replace the “APPLE SSD” with an empty string, but I still get “Trim: No” on the disk info after restart.  Using a Corsair Force series SATA II drive in a Mac Pro 1,1.

  73. David Jung says:

    My bad – it did work for me, once I flushed the caches.  
    (couldn’t edit or delete original comment as it doesn’t show up)

  74. NetWobble says:

    Works perfect on a 2010 MacMini with an Intel 320 Series 120 GB

  75. Isidoros says:

    Work like a charm on my OWC mercury extreme pro 480gb.Thanx a lot dude have a nice day!

  76. ST says:

    Many thanks – it worked for me with mbp 3,1 and Corsair F120 SSD Lion 10.7.2.


  77. J4h03p says:

    Didn’t get an error or anything like that, I tried this on a 2011 top custom model 15″ mpb, with an vertec2 ssd, it starts up in under 12 seconds! System profiler still says TRIM is not enabled, and although I know it doesn’t have to say enabled to be enabled, I’m not sure it is.. Before I did this, the SSD was working fine, but I thought it could be better, and now that I enabled TRIM, I think I can see a slight speed improvement, but I’m not sure.. 
    Anyway, thanks for the post! 

  78. Cnphyt says:

    Worked as described. MBP 13″ Mid 2009 with Corsair Force 3 Series 120 GB.

  79. ben says:

    worked for me with a INTEL SSDSA2M080G2GC

  80. Bjorn says:

    Worked great for me, intel 160GB G2GC. Thanks for that!

  81. Joe says:

    In Safari the stupid adds running down the right side of the page completely destroy the syntax of every command. I hope this text is mirrored on some other site I can track down.

  82. KaraThrace says:

    sweet… thanks dude

  83. Kevinopp1-69 says:

    happily worked for me once i fixed the quotation issue! i have the Crucial M4 512.

  84. Cock says:


  85. B12345678 says:

    it works great!

  86. Ben Clark says:

    Thank you for the help everyone!  Worked for me after changing the ‘ to ‘

    2010 MacBookPro5,5 13″ ,  128GB SSD from OCZ

  87. Jason Johnson says:

    Very nice. Worked for me. the key is you copy the Terminal Command from the .doc and past it into a TXT file then change the quotes then copy that and past it into the Terminal.

  88. Leoviotti says:

    Thank you, worked perfectly, after I changed the quotation marks! 🙂

  89. Jeffrey FISCHMAN says:

    works like a charm
    macbook pro with Lion
    word processor was word for mac

  90. Dale Gaudry says:

    Awesome… changed to the single quotes, works great. Thanks,

  91. Flip says:

    Worked perfectly with a macbook pro 7.1 13″ and OCZ Octane S2.

  92. Stryjo says:

    Watch out as Lion updates might revert the setting to NO as happened on my OCZ Vertex 2. So check the setting after every Software Update.

  93. Piti says:

    Does not work with 10.7.5 i use the App Trim Enabler for 10.7.5 and this works.

  94. Sean says:

    When I’m patching the file to enable TRIM, i get the following error: “-bash: syntax error near unexpected token `.{9}'”

  95. iCrunch says:

    Just tested and confirmed: Turning on TRIM in OS X Mavericks works just like OS X 10.8.3 and 10.8.4:

    sudo cp /System/Library/Extensions/IOAHCIFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/IOAHCIBlockStorage.kext/Contents/MacOS/IOAHCIBlockStorage /System/Library/Extensions/IOAHCIFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/IOAHCIBlockStorage.kext/Contents/MacOS/IOAHCIBlockStorage.original

    (HIT ENTER; ENTER PW (if asked), THEN)

    sudo perl -pi -e ‘s|(x52x6Fx74x61x74x69x6Fx6Ex61x6Cx00{1,20})[^x00]{9}(x00{1,20}x54)|$1x00x00x00x00x00x00x00x00x00$2|sg’ /System/Library/Extensions/IOAHCIFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/IOAHCIBlockStorage.kext/Contents/MacOS/IOAHCIBlockStorage

    (HIT ENTER and THEN)

    sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions/

    (REBOOT…and you’re done! check in System Information/Profiler)

    Happy TRIM’ing! 😉

    1. Awesome. Thanks for sharing!

    2. not happy says:

      Eh, just did this after installing an ssd in my mid-2010 macbook pro running Yosemite 10.10. Now it won’t boot from the SSD and that sucks. Now what? Reformat the ssd and re-clone?? ugh.

      1. Isidoros says:

        time ago i had a MacBookPro core2 Duo upgraded from Leopard ram 4GB support –> Snow Leopard ram 8GB support –> Lion 6GB support and finally placed a 120GB Mercury SSD OWC.com. never had problems with the SSD drive.

        Does Trim Enabler work in OS X Yosemite?
        The answer is Yes, but due to new security features in Yosemite, enabling Trim can cause problems with your OS X installation.

        but the APPLE STUPIDITY!!!

        you already enabled Trim previously. that is the reason your SSD does not boot.

        The kext-signing setting is stored in your Mac’s NVRAM/PRAM, a sort of flash memory inside your Mac. This memory can be reset either by accident or by intention (usually by troubleshooting issues with your hardware), causing kext-signing setting to re-activate.

        If you try to boot a Trim-enabled system with the kext-signing setting re-activated, you will be met by a gray screen with a stop sign:

        This is your system telling you that a driver has been modified, and is not allowed to load.

        To avoid this situation, you can make sure to disable Trim before performing any hardware maintenance or PRAM reset on your Mac. O Mac powered off,

        Locate the following keys on the keyboard: Option, Command (⌘), P, and R. You will need to hold these keys down simultaneously in step 4.

        Turn on your Mac.

        Immediately press and hold the Option-Command-P-R keys. You must press this key combination before the gray screen appears.

        Continue holding the keys down until your Mac restarts, and you hear the startup sound for the second time.

        Release the keys.Now has cleaned the Bios memory and so dis-activated the Trim.

        If you don’t want to disable a security feature! there is no other way to get Trim.

        Unfortunately not. It is important to note that disabling the kext-signing to enable Trim is best described as taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut, and for most users it will not be worth it. But I have been unsuccessful in creating a less invasive method to enable Trim, as all of Apple’s AHCI SATA drivers are closed source and undocumented, which makes it impossible for me to create my own Trim driver and get it signed. This is the only alternative for enabling Trim for the moment.

        When will you fix this?

        This problem will not get fixed unless Apple changes their policy. Have you ever wondered why disk manufacturers like Corsair, Samsung etc. have never written a Trim driver for OS X? Or why they never offer firmware update software to OS X? (The only firmware updates they offer for Mac is a MS-DOS boot CD) The reason is that Apple is keeping the AHCI driver private, making it impossible for anyone, even these big companies, to create a driver for SSD’s.

        So the issue is not that Apple “doesn’t allow Trim Enabler”, but that they don’t allow anyone to create AHCI drivers.
        If they made public the AHCI driver, I would be able to make Trim Enabler “legit”. Right now, it is impossible. You can read more about the technical issues

      2. meow says:

        I suggest spare the commands in terminal if you don’t know shell well, just use Chameleon SSD Optimizer, and everything works perfectly. I used this tool from Mountain Lion to Yosemite, it never disappoint me.

  96. iCrunch says:

    Quick update for those of you running OS X 10.9 Mavericks. Apple released DP4 (beta 4) a few days ago and I wanted to update everyone that once again, enabling TRIM works with DP4 just like it does on Mountain Lion versions 10.8.3 and 10.8.4.

    A quick note for those of you upgrading Mavericks from DP3: You will see that you lost TRIM when upgrading to DP4 in “System Information”, but again, all you need to do is perform the steps I’ve pasted again below for easy reference, to re-enable TRIM on Mavericks DP4 (build 13A524d):

    sudo cp /System/Library/Extensions/IOAHCIFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/IOAHCIBlockStorage.kext/Contents/MacOS/IOAHCIBlockStorage /System/Library/Extensions/IOAHCIFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/IOAHCIBlockStorage.kext/Contents/MacOS/IOAHCIBlockStorage.original

    (HIT ENTER; ENTER PW (if asked), THEN)

    sudo perl -pi -e ‘s|(x52x6Fx74x61x74x69x6Fx6Ex61x6Cx00{1,20})[^x00]{9}(x00{1,20}x54)|$1x00x00x00x00x00x00x00x00x00$2|sg’ /System/Library/Extensions/IOAHCIFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/IOAHCIBlockStorage.kext/Contents/MacOS/IOAHCIBlockStorage

    (HIT ENTER and THEN)

    sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions/

    (REBOOT…and you’re done!)

    Check in System Information to see that enabling TRIM was successful.

  97. trimmy says:

    Hey, thanks for this. √

    I have a question. I’m intrigued as to why you say that Trim Enabler isn’t as reliable. Is it using different commands? I’d have assumed it was just running these as shell scripts in an application wrapper.

    If not, what are they are doing that makes you its not as reliable?

  98. Reid says:

    It’s silly to link to a word document. The smartquotes break copy/paste.

  99. Dattz says:

    Mavericks 10.9.4 and Samsung Evo 120GB
    No error.. but doesn’t show TRIM in SSD’s information in System Report.
    The report doesn’t even show the “Medium Type: Solid State”, is that to worry about? I have the SSD connected by SATA cables etc (not through USB).

    Help please. I have tried these steps, the TRIM Enabler v3 and Multi Beast. None seems to do any effect..

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