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Samsung Shamelessly Rips Off Apple’s iPad Smart Cover

Samsung Shamelessly Rips Off Apple’s iPad Smart Cover

If you so far haven’t been sure how to feel regarding the recent legal proceeding between Apple and Samsung, this just might change your mind. Samsung has reportedly just certified a new accessory for their Galaxy Tab 10.1 that is suspiciously similar to Apple’s Smart Cover.

Look familiar? It should. Because it’s essentially identical to Apple’s Smart Cover. For those of you that haven’t been keeping up, Samsung has been battling a lawsuit from Apple suggesting that several of Samsung’s products copy the design and “look and feel” of Apple products. IF you ever had any doubt about that, the above picture should be all the evidence you need. Samsung’s even calling the new product the “Smart Case.” They can’t even come up with an original name.

Personally, I was fairly satisfied as soon as I laid eyes on the USB to dock connector cable that Samsung uses for its Galaxy Tab tablet that is intended to compete with the iPad 2:

At this point, it’d be amazing to be if anyone informed about the matter didn’t swiftly and almost automatically include that Samsung is obviously playing a shameless and ridiculous game of copycat here. Any objections? Really?

  1. Christianadam1994 says:

    This is probably because samsung make apples gear?

    1. No – Samsung merely makes some of the internal components that Apple uses in their hardware – that doesn’t serve as an explanation for this.

  2. Josh_J_Ward says:

    I wish Samsung would just come up with their own ideas. I’m actually beginning to hate Samsung now as it seems they aren’t creative or innovative, but are instead just ripping off everything Apple does. Time to get a new TV I think.  

  3. I might just return my Nexus S because of this. A boycott of all things Samsung is in order…

  4. Are they official from Samsung? Or they’re just copycats from China?

    1. They are official.

    1. Yup, Samsung didn’t make the case so it’s not an official Samsung product. But they are endorsing it. A bad situation either way for them.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This article is a disgrace! Written by a #fanboy – No mention about Apple OS shamelessly selling their OS based on a free opensource software kernels and more, whilst fencing in and locking in and controlling everything that they manage to sell charging ridicoulous amounts of money for them – and not only that trying officially to gain an import ban on HTC/Android, so much for the free market trade LOOSERS!

    1. Jkadletz says:

      Just buy the stock it’s going to 500

      1. Anonymous says:

        I don’t mind stock owners or Steve Jobs making money as long as people are willing to pay. I object to the way Apple  officially tries to deny other companies through leagal action, and hence the unbalanced view of this article – on of the two infringement found (the others were declined) was actually recognizing email addresses and phone numbers on a mobile phone! How can you own the patent for something like that? American law is wrong or the judge is paid off, imagine a phone not recognizing a phone number, pretty stupid huh? But iphones strong side was never being a phone anyways i guess…

  6. Joyce says:

    I dont get it? the 16 pin connector was around long before apple or samsung.  Apple only slimed it out to fit an ipod and has slowly shrunken it as it products mature.  Motorloa and Nokia had the bulky pin connectors long before the ipad/iphone/ipod does anyone remember having the connector taking up most of the bottom of the phone? Apple is well known for taking ideas just as much as Samsung– and many companys have won in court against apple.

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