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Samsung Shamelessly Rips Off Apple’s iPad Smart Cover

Samsung Shamelessly Rips Off Apple’s iPad Smart Cover

If you so far haven’t been sure how to feel regarding the recent legal proceeding between Apple and Samsung, this just might change your mind. Samsung has reportedly just certified a new accessory for their Galaxy Tab 10.1 that is suspiciously similar to Apple’s Smart Cover.

Look familiar? It should. Because it’s essentially identical to Apple’s Smart Cover. For those of you that haven’t been keeping up, Samsung has been battling a lawsuit from Apple suggesting that several of Samsung’s products copy the design and “look and feel” of Apple products. IF you ever had any doubt about that, the above picture should be all the evidence you need. Samsung’s even calling the new product the “Smart Case.” They can’t even come up with an original name.

Personally, I was fairly satisfied as soon as I laid eyes on the USB to dock connector cable that Samsung uses for its Galaxy Tab tablet that is intended to compete with the iPad 2:

At this point, it’d be amazing to be if anyone informed about the matter didn’t swiftly and almost automatically include that Samsung is obviously playing a shameless and ridiculous game of copycat here. Any objections? Really?


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