White Macbook Removed From Apple Website. Is This Goodbye?

Posted in Mac on 20/07/2011 by Cormac Moylan


It finally looks like Apple has pulled the plug on the white Macbook. The last in line of the non-aluminum Macbook range, the Macbook was first introduced in 2006 and replaced the similarly designed iBook range.

With the Macbook Air 11″ priced at under $1,000 and the  13″ Macbook Pro for a mere $199 more, it didn’t make much sense to me to continue with the old Macbook.

Thankfully, Apple agreed and it’s no longer listed on Apple.com or featured in the Apple Store.

Goodbye Macbook. You were my first ever Mac purchase and I still have you and even though I spilt wine on you and you’re broken, I love you. X x

  • db

    My Macbook is the biggest paperweight in the house. It has a sad face that tells me it doesn’t work when I turn it on but I can’t bare to get rid of it, it’s too beautiful to throw away.

  • My school just bought like 300 of those for the school year, August 18th, 2010,- June 2nd, 2011. They don’t even treat them with respect. Oh well, I always knew more about them then the teacher.

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  • Lupitatrevino2010

    I love my white Macbook .  Why would they do that ?


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