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Apple May Launch An Updated “iPad Pro” This Quarter

Apple May Launch An Updated “iPad Pro” This Quarter

According to Rodman & Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar, Apple will be launching an iPad Pro this quarter, which is aimed at the professional users. The updated iPad will feature a high-resolution screen, as well as high-definition front and rear cameras.

Kumar suggests that a “professional” iPad would have certain incremental improvements, and may appeal to segments such as the publishing industry. Further, according to Kumar, Apple will be releasing the updated iPad this quarter – the same quarter than many expect the iPhone 5 to be released in.

The new updated model of the iPad will reportedly be sold right alongside the current iPad 2 model, and be targeted directly at the professional market. While I personally doubt that Apple would make such a move prior to the release of a significantly revamped iPad 3, I should also note that this is not the first time that “iPad 2 Pro” or “iPad 2 HD” rumors have surfaced, as a similar rumor arose just last month.

  1. Ridiculous. Steve said Year of iPad 2. Put this crap to bed.

  2. Well if this were true, it would be what the iPad 2 should have been. Granted, I love my iPad 2 but it should’ve had the Retina Display and much, much better cameras. And yes, this is the year of the iPad 2 but this one wouldn’t be the iPad 3. I can’t see them doing this considering 7 months from now we’re due for a iPad refresh with #3.

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