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Research: Android Is Riddled With Malware, While iOS Is Clear

Research: Android Is Riddled With Malware, While iOS Is Clear

It’s another sad day for Fandroids (Android fanboys) today as a new report from security researchers at Lookout Mobile security suggests that the platform is plagued with malware and security risks galore.

The latest findings from Lookout Mobile Security suggest that authors of malware are increasingly attacking Google’s Android platform as their first foray into the world of digital crime, while their research did not detect a single instance of malware running Apple’s iOS platform.

As mobile devices become more popular, especially specific platforms, the incentive for attacking those devices also increases. What’s curious is that, considering how immensely popular the iPhone is, Android is getting hit with virtually all of the attacks.

The research indicates that as many as one million users were hit with mobile malware in the first half of this year. Further, Android users are now over two times more likely to be affected by malware than they were six months ago.

This is a particularly clear case of how Android’s supposedly open platform can cause security risks (another reason why Android still poses no lasting risk to iOS), and can make the platform much easier to attack. Curiously, however, even jailbroken iPhones, which would technically be “open”, still did not seem to have any reported cases of malware infection.

Perhaps Google’s failed attempt at appearing to be an open platform has simply given Google an excuse to be lax on security?

  1. I’m just looking forward to the fees that Android devices will owe to Apple once these lawsuits are done and over with… Apple innovates, Android imitates!

    Friends of Mac

    1. - hill180 says:

      I say this owning an iPhone/iPad etc.   

      I think both are not innocent of this.  Competition is good, if it were not for android, the new notifications could be missing from iOS 5, multitasking didn’t come into play until after android.

      1. aik | wae says:

        android imitates? hey moroon! hotspot available in froyo a year ahead before rotten ios, and plenty more fitur!!

  2. Edward Hoyer says:

    Apple will come out on top in the end…IMHO!

    1. aik | wae says:

      when? *waiting*

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