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(Infographic) iPhone 5: The Story So Far

(Infographic) iPhone 5: The Story So Far

With all of the iPhone 5 rumors circulating around, it can be pretty easy to get lost in the maze. Fortunately, the folks over at TechnoBuffalo have provided some creative imagery to round up the best of the rumors and help you sort it all out. Check out the below infographic assembled from their iPhone 5 rumor page (click to expand):


  1. Apple iPhone Event – Live Summary
  2. iPhone 5 to Include Liquipel Waterproof Coating?
  3. Apple Posts a ‘Tips and Tricks’ Guide for iPhone Users to Their Website
  4. CES 2017: ExoLens Protective Case for iPhone 7 Allows Photographers to Use Professional ZEISS Mobile Lenses
  5. Unlocked iPhone 4S Already Being Sold Through Apple, AT&T & Sprint
  6. New Ebook Offers Tips and Tutorials for Using the iPhone 6s
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