Apple’s iOS 5 Launch Almost Broke The Internet!

Apple’s iOS 5 Launch Almost Broke The Internet!

As you probably know, Apple released iOS 5 yesterday for owners of current iOS devices to install and play with. As anyone is likely aware who tried to install the update, Apple’s servers had a hard time keeping up with it all.

But Apple’s data centers (pictured above, while Steve Jobs was introducing them to the world) were only part of the problem, reports The Guardian, as many internet service providers had difficulty keeping up as well. The surge in traffic from iOS 5 updaters was incredible, and many ISP’s struggled to keep the traffic flowing through their networks.

One ISP, AAISP, was caught off guard when they saw “silly high usage since around 18:40 [BST]” leading them to think that “something [was] clearly ‘up’ and there [was] some ‘internet event’ happening”.

The huge surge in traffic isn’t very surprising, considering that massive swarms of Apple customers were all attempting to download 600MB iOS 5 updates, as well as the OS X 10.7.2 update (which wasn’t a particularly small download either), as well as the other updates and new apps that Apple released yesterday. All of these combined lead to quite a demand!

While The Guardian’s report details the struggles that U.K. ISPs had dealing with the issue, it’s likely that ISPs in the US and elsewhere had similar problems. Did Apple really break the internet? Not really. But did they issue one hell of a wake-up call to ISPs everywhere? Absolutely.

Remember when Microsoft almost crashed the internet because everybody was downloading updates for Windows? Me neither. Only Apple could produce this kind of massive surge in web traffic.

  1. When will we start to see Microsoft related (interesting) news instead of everything being Apple? It’s incredible just how much has changed!!!!!!

    1. Neil Quan says:

      You’ll likely see that when Atari make their come back. =P  Just kidding.  More and more Microsoft products are becoming run of the mill, less innovative.  Im hopeful for Windows 8 because I run Windows in my office environment, but I wont hold my breath.

  2. Waffel#42 says:

    I think microsoft lost the game.

  3. Virtualdad says:

    Sounds more like poor planning on Apple’s part, rather than a problem with Microsoft. Most of the stories I hear are of the update taking hours upon hours to download and install, but that isn’t a problem apparently. It’s not poor planning on Apple’s part, but rather everyone else’s problem. Oh really?

    1. Anonymous says:

      Apple don’t serve the updates directly. They use Akamai – a CDN (Content Delivery Network). Apple haven’t got nearly enough servers in enough locations to serve it themselves, so they don’t. Akamai have thousands of servers across the world, blame them

  4. Neil Quan says:

    I think you missed the point entirely.  It was just a massive surge of people accessing the servers at once.  No amount of (financially viable) planning for a company can account for all their customers to access their servers at one time.  Most ISP providers barely kept up.

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