Review: Rokform Folding Rokstand for iPhone & iPad

Review: Rokform Folding Rokstand for iPhone & iPad

Rokform, a division of Two Brothers Racing,  is where “technology meets motorsports.” Their moniker is confirmed by their products which are machined out of a single block of 6061 T-6 anodized aluminum.  Clearly utilizing an intense attention to detail, Rokform has produced several products, three of which make up a series of the next reviews (Desktop Rokstand, Folding Rockstand, Rokbed).

Continuing the series, I take a close look at the folding Rokstand.

The smaller brother of the Desktop Rokstand, the folding Rokstand is perfect for the traveller who has reason to prop up their iPhone… or for the tasteful shopper that also prefers to save a little cash, as the folding version is $50 cheaper.  Just as well built as the Desktop Rokstand, the folding stand is finely constructed out of machined aluminum, complete with rubber feet to grip even slippery surfaces.  The weight of the folding Rokstand plus the rubber feet allow users to completely use their iPhone without sliding it across the surface.  Event though it is slightly smaller, with the solid construction, it can also hold an iPad as well.

As well-constructed, but not as elegant as its brother, the folding Rokstand is a high quality product.  The depressed cradle has an inlet for the OEM Apple dock cable, which can be screwed into place using the supplied screws and tool included in the package.  Including the ability to install the dock cable allows the folding Rokstand to double as a docking station.  In addition, the cradle is designed to project sound out instead of down, courtesy of two specifically aligned channels.  Assuming you are actually traveling with your stand, the music amplification is great for listening to music in your hotel room.

The simplicity of the device lends toward easy transportation–the stand has two upright positions and is collapsable, allowing for easy storage in the included, customized travel case.  The stand is great for FaceTime conversations, using your iPhone as a clock, reading Newstand articles on a plane’s tray table, or watching a movie.


In conclusion, the folding Rokstand is a versatile travel companion and saves space by collapsing into its own travel bag (see photo).  It is ideal for an airplane tray table when watching movies or reading.  Because of the intriguing and fanciful design, it will definitely attract the attention of the girl across the isle and may get a conversation started, just do not tell her you paid $120 for an iPhone accessory unless you have a highly expendable income.  You can, however, buy her a coffee at Starbucks with the included $5 “thank you” from Rokform for the purchase.

You can order a folding Rokstand ($120, Rokform) but for the price, I recommend stepping up to the more substantial Desktop Rokstand.  However, it you are looking for a travel companion and have a high taste for more impressive iPhone accessories, this stand is for you.  I rated the product 4/5 stars mostly because of the simplicity of the device, but the high cost.  It is a high quality product, but lacks the “wow” factor of the Desktop Rokstand.  The ability for the device to hold both an iPad and iPhone in portrait or landscape, while still collapsing for travel, is amazing.


  • Holds both iPad and iPhone in portrait and landscape
  • Collapses for easy portability
  • Comes with an excellent travel case
  • Solid construction, well oiled
  • Comes with adjusting tool
  • Rubber feet prevent sliding
  • Inclues slot for USB cable, screws hold it in place


  • Only has two upright positions
  • Price