Review: Rokform Desktop Rokstand for iPhone and iPad

Review: Rokform Desktop Rokstand for iPhone and iPad

A division of Two Brothers RacingRokform is where “technology meets motorsports.” Their moniker is confirmed by their products, which are machined out of a single block of 6061 T-6 anodized aluminum.  Clearly utilizing an intense attention to detail, Rokform has produced several products, three of which make up a series of the next reviews (Desktop Rokstand, Folding Rockstand, Rokbed).

To begin the series, I take a close look at the Desktop Rokstand.

When pulling the Rokstand out of the package, I knew this stand was unlike any other stand I had ever seen.  Quite simply, it is machine, and a very elegant one at that.

The overal design of the Desktop Rokstand is stunningly crisp — every edge is pristine, every contour smooth.  It sits demandingly atop a desk, begging the attention of the room occupants.  Since placing the Desktop Rokstand on my office desk, almost every guest has commented on it’s Autobot design.  From impressed to inquisitive, my conversations were halted immediately after the Rokstand caught the eye of the visitors.  Everyone had to touch it, feel it, and try it for themselves.

The anodized aluminum structure better known as the Rokstand is the perfect weight to allow operators to use their iOS device without sliding the stand across their desk.  The four rubberized feet also help grip even slick surfaces, keeping the stand grounded during use.  Weighted appropriately, with just the correct amount of grip, one can even depress the home screen button without moving the unit across the desk.  In addition to proper construction, the Rokstand has 4 selected positions which allow users to adjust the tilt of the iPhone in the stand.  This adjustment is convenient when FaceTime calling or for eliminating the glare of the ceiling light.

The design allows space for iPhones and iPads in both landscape AND portrait modes (good luck finding another stand so versatile).  Utilizing a wide stance and heavy construction, the stand effectively holds both units; however, the stand is optimized for iPhones and iPod touches.  The depressed cradle has an inlet for the OEM Apple dock cable, which can be screwed into place using the supplied screws and tool included in the package.  Including the ability to install the dock cable allows the Rokstand to also be a docking station.  If you enjoy listening to music from your iPhone or have trouble hearing your ringer, the stand is designed to project sound out instead of down, courtesy of two specifically aligned channels in the bottom of the cradle.


In conclusion, yes, the Rokstand is only a holder for your iDevice.  Does it hold your phone? Yes. Does it hold it in portrait and landscape? Yes. Does it tilt? Yes. …then what makes this stand different from any other iPhone stand? Quality. Design.  Detail. Attitude.

You can take home a Rokstand  ($169.00, order) and start turning heads in your own office.  Given the price, the Rokstand is not for the faint-of-heart, but rather an artful, modern rendition of an iPhone accessory for discerning tastes.


  • Holds both iPhone and iPad in portrait and landscape
  • Machined aluminum body
  • Solid construction, well oiled
  • Includes slot for USB cable and screws to hold in place
  • Rubber feet to prevent sliding
  • 4 tilted viewing angles
  • Attractive design
  • Comes with adjusting tool


  • Price