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The Shocking Truth About AT&T’s Throttling for ‘Unlimited’ Data Plans (Video)

The Shocking Truth About AT&T’s Throttling for ‘Unlimited’ Data Plans (Video)

Data throttling has become a concern for many smartphone users, with AT&T, Verizon and other carriers actively limiting network speeds for the top 5% of data users. This throttling is generally hidden within the fine print of mobile contracts, leaving users surprised, confused, and outraged when the speeds of their “unlimited” data suddenly drops to nearly unusable levels.

AT&T, who no longer offers unlimited plans, began throttling the top 5% of data users on unlimited plans last year, which cripples download speeds once users reach a certain data limit (typically around 1GB of data per month). Verizon’s throttling was put in place shortly thereafter.

Many think that this throttling isn’t really a big deal, and don’t realize the full effects until it happens to them – a nasty text message sent from your carrier, followed by a brutal reduction in data speeds. AppAdvice has put together a side-by-side video demonstrating just how bad AT&T’s throttling really is for users (and other carriers likely aren’t much better).

As the demonstration shows, AT&T’s throttling results in almost unusable data speeds, which greatly affects the ability to browse the web, use connected apps, and use many of the features that people have come to expect and rely on with their smartphones.

It’s sad and shocking to see just how drastic the results of throttling can be. Just one more page in the book of greedy and anti-consumer tactics used by many major wireless carriers.

  1. Iluv2ridemyhorses says:

    It pisses me off to no end that At&t offers these wonderful smart phones ,but punishes their loyal unlimited data customers when they actually try to use their smart phone to its full potential.Its like going to an all you can eat buffet restaurant and having the manager tell you that because you went back for seconds that instead of getting silverware and a plates to eat with from now you will get to eat with toothpicks and drink out of a thimble instead of a glasses,but they can eat all they want.If their infastructure can’t handle smart phone users then maybe they shouldn’nt offer them it until it can.

    1. Well said. I’m not satisfied drinking from a thimble or trying to eat mashed potatoes with a toothpick.

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